Brytiago Unleashes “Trap Vibes” EP, Defining Trap Excellence

Brytiago returns with a highly anticipated EP titled “Trap Vibes.” This album delves deep into the genre that propelled him to international stardom. Accompanying the EP release is the premiere of the music video for the focus track, “Dame Luz.”

“Trap Vibes” showcases Brytiago’s fresh and innovative approach to trap music. All tracks on the EP are penned by the artist himself, offering listeners a glimpse into his unique artistic world. The EP kicks off with the powerful opener, “Demon,” setting the stage for an exhilarating musical journey. The focus track, “Dame Luz,” takes center stage with captivating hooks and infectious beats. Noteworthy tracks include “Designer,” “Hellen,” “Billete de 100,” “Del Mar,” and “Mi Vicio.” The EP concludes with the mesmerizing “Mi Vicio Remix,” featuring Luar La L.

Brytiago also founded his own record label, Business Music, nurturing and supporting emerging talents in the industry. Promising artists like Jan Blakeee and Derek Santana are under his wing, poised to leave their mark on the Latin music scene.

“Trap Vibes” exemplifies Brytiago’s unparalleled artistry and his unwavering pursuit of musical excellence. This EP, accompanied by the captivating video for “Dame Luz,” cements Brytiago’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the Latin music scene.


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