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Christina Perri Talks New Single ‘evergone’ and Staying Authentic & Open

Christina Perri has been a name on everyone’s lips for decades. The singer is behind the timeless hit “A Thousand Years,” associated with the hit series “Twilight.” She also made powerful ballads such as “Jar of Hearts” and “Human,”; both became instant classics. Now, Perri has reemerged to give her loyal followers a piece of her heart with her new single.

“evergone” is a soulful title about the process of dealing with grief and loss. It is a title destined to grab at your heartstrings and heal the ache you have been feeling yourself. “evergone” is much more than just a song to Perri; it is a look into her diary. She created the single after experiencing the devastating loss of her young daughter.

Previous to this song, she released an album titled “Songs for Rosie” that was filled with lullabies. It was released on what would have been Rosie’s first birthday and will forever be something Christina cherishes. She didn’t intend on releasing “evergone,” but with her producers by her side, she was able to find peace in the track. The singer lists her daughter as someone who will always live in her heart and soul.

Christina Perri - Contrast Magazine
Christina Perri - Contrast Magazine

Perri is already a fan-favorite and known vocal highflyer in pop and alternative communities. Christina exploded into the industry when she debuted her 2011 album, “Lovestrong.” “Jar of Hearts” was not only a 5x-platinum hit, but her title “Arms” was gold-certified. Having a knack for moving lyrics and chords, Perri was recruited to make a song for the charting series’ “Twilight.” “A Thousand Years” received over 1.3 billion streams on YouTube and is still growing today. She says the key to her music is understanding that every lyric covers her authentic

Perri is relatable to her followers in that time with her in the studio is described as an emotional experience. Whether someone is laughing or crying, they leave knowing they have created something pure. In her mind, her most tremendous success hasn’t been consistently staying on the charts; it has been retaining a kind reputation that has lasted her decades.

Christina is eager to release a new album and plans on touring once every record has fallen into place. Follow the star on her social media to stay updated on what comes next @christinaperri.

Christina Perri - Contrast Magazine

What inspired this new single “evergone?” evergone is a story about grief and loss and choosing to believe the person you lost isn’t really gone. They live inside of you, in your heart, in your breath. I lost my daughter Rosie in November of 2020, writing this song helped me really heal. 

Tell us about the process of creating the song. I had just finished my whole 3rd album while I was pregnant with Rosie, in the middle of the pandemic in New Jersey, but when she died my whole world came down and I wasn’t sure I was going to ever release this work. I just didn’t see a future self through all the trauma and loss… This song sort of found me, through my A&R guy, Pete Gambarg. He brought a piece of it to me, and I said I needed to finish it. So me and my executive producer, Jenn Decelivio, finished writing the song and we made it for Rosie.

You’ve had such a successful music career. How do you manage to give your fans great music time after time? Thank you! I just keep putting out projects that makes sense in my life and my true narrative. When I was heartbroken I wrote about it, when I was in love I wrote about it, when I became a mom I wrote about it. I think the key is staying authentic and open and people come along with you.

What makes this song so special? There are many reasons this song is important to me, but mostly because it honors my truth and really begins a whole new chapter for me.

You have been in the music industry for over 10 years. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned thus far?
Being kind. Success and numbers and followers and winning all ebb and flow, but kindness and your reputation remains.

What can fans expect from you this year? An album, a tour, etc.?
Yes yes yes! My next album will be coming soon and touring when it makes sense! 

What’s a session in the studio with you like?
It’s emotional AF. We talked about the stuff that hurts the most and then we sing about it. 🙂

Christina Perri - Contrast Magazine

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