From Working At A Gym To Working Her Dream Job: WK Records’ Anita Tillero Shares Her Story

Anita Tillero is living proof that a positive mindset and resilience will take you far. Born and raised in Venezuela, in 2015 she decided to visit her cousin for three months in Miami. Her goal with coming to America for those months was to see what life was like here. Little did she know- her entire life was about to change and that temporary visit would become permanent. 

Despite the obstacle of not being able to work legally, she didn’t give up on the possibilities of living the American Dream. She applied for a work permit and once she received it, she immediately started searching for a job. “I bought myself a bicycle and started biking all around town looking and applying for jobs,” said Anita. 

She eventually got hired at a gym and a restaurant. “After I got hired I told my cousin… give me a month to get on my feet and I’ll be out of your space,” said Anita. 

Although she enjoyed fitness, Anita had a major in Marketing and Public Relations. While working at the gym, she met a famous nutritionist who introduced her to a few people in the entertainment industry. “One day we went to a comedy show and met up with some creatives who asked me what my interests were… I told them about my majors and my passion for digital design, photography, and music,” said Anita. One of the females tells Anita that her team at SEITRACK US is in need of a graphic designer. Without hesitation, Anita says yes to the opportunity, and the rest is history.

Soon enough Anita started working with A list artists. “I found myself designing for Luis Miguel, Miguel Bosé, and many more,” she said. Her work was receiving a lot of attention and positive feedback. So much, that Jorge Pino (who had his label within Universal Music) contacted her and offered her a job; which she accepted.

This new job opened many doors for Anita. “I began developing all of the social media/ creative content for Feid and Alex Sensation,” she said. With Anita’s work getting better and better, it was only a matter of time before she caught the attention of Barbara Kolm, the daughter of Latin music mogul, Walter Kolm. Barbara wanted Anita to create content for her YouTube channel.

From working at a gym, Anita was now working at Universal Music and for Barbara Kolm. She couldn’t believe her passions had landed her such great gigs. But Anita’s career truly took a turn when Barbara told her dad Walter about Anita. “Barbara told him that I was helping her with social media, photography, videography… and shortly after Walter wanted to meet me,” said Anita. Clueless of what this meeting would entail, Anita walked in and out of his office with yet another job offer. “I was really sad to leave Universal, but I couldn’t decline this opportunity,” said Anita.

Once she started with WK Entertainment, she was working with artists such as Maluma, Wisin, and CNCO. Fast forward to today, Walter Kolm has expanded his business and created WK Records- where Anita is the Creative Director. “He shared the news with me and told me how proud he was of all of my accomplishments and hard work,” said Anita.

With persistence and dedication, Anita has landed her dream job.

“The best part of it all is that although this is work, it never feels like work. I truly love and enjoy what I do.” We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!


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