Ir Sais is The Contrast Man

New talent and new places to discover that talent seem few and far between, but Ir Sais has broken the barrier with his latest remix of “Dream Girl.” Dream Girl features the talents of Sean Paul and artist/producer Davido. Proudly representing Bonaire, a Caribbean Island, Ir Sais feels as though he’s paving the way for future artists that may hail from his home. Ir Sais furthers this with, “I think we were the last Caribbean island to be discovered by the world of music, but I promise you that you will soon hear and see more of my music in your homes.”

Ir Sais, born Irgwin Placido Sluis, was raised by his mother after the tragic passing of his father when he was only one year old. He became involved in music early on, at the tender age of just seven. By eleven, he made a prominent name for himself in the musical community. At thirteen, the tides began to change. Ir Sais took up windsurfing competitively. Although, just two years later, he gave that up to pursue music with everything he had.

Photography by Valentino Angela

TikTok seems to have taken over Ir Sais “Dream Girl” with the #DreamGirlChallenge. Fans of the song took to the social media platform, posting their “dream” dance moves, the hashtag #DreamGirlChallenge, and the music blasting in the background. Ir Sais’ remix has become an overnight sensation. Although TikTok has taken it over, Ir Sais tells Contrast Man, “It all started on Snapchat. The first challenge was of a girl, like in a pink room, and she was standing. I was playing PlayStation, and someone sent me the video. I never thought this was going to blow up or be so big.”

Not to be outdone, the very next day, Instagram picked up on the video as well. “In about one hour, I see fifty other videos. I was like, whoa, that’s crazy! The first time someone shared my video, it was 350,000 followers, then it got serious. Everybody was playing it, and all these people from France were sharing it with friends. It’s a crazy time for me.” Considering that Ir Sais didn’t know what TikTok was before he blew up on the platform, TikTok-ers ran, well, danced their way into his life!

According to Ir Sais, the place the remix took off the most was in Chile. “Chile was the first land that listened that put my song in the charts. Independently.” Ir Sais also feels as though France had their hand in the song’s success as well, stating, “France too. I was getting popular in France.”

Photography by Valentino Angela

The intended message behind the song “Dream Girl” definitely isn’t lost in translation. Ir Sais elaborates, “The message of the song is that you realize this girl is your dream girl. That I was driving, and I realized that I needed to slow down because I realize you’re my dream girl. I see the difference, and now I can feel the difference. In every relationship, you will be caught in the moment. Still, you see this girl different.” Definitely some words to take to heart. If you know you’re looking at the one, your “dream girl,” slow down and appreciate what you have. Don’t let that slip away from you.

“The music in me comes from (my Mother’s) Dominican blood.” Ir Sais says of his ingrained passion for music. “My Mom sings crazy. My Mom is an excellent singer.” It seems as though musical talent runs rampant through that bloodline! Ir Sais tells Contrast Man that he’s in the processes of making a song with his Mom, and we can’t wait to hear it! Great family projects are always something to lift the spirits and create lasting memories! “My Mom’s going to do it right, and it’s going to be super awesome!” We have no doubts, Ir Sais!

Photography by Valentino Angela

After signing with Sony earlier in the year, Ir Sais says his album is ready, and he can’t wait to share it with the world. “We’re working on eight videos for this album. Today we are in Vienna, working on the second one.” This man knows no bounds! He’s putting in some hard work to bring some incredible things to the world!


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