702’s Meelah Releases Her First Children’s Book “Zac’s Favorite Socks” Dedicated to Her Son With Autism

Kameelah “Meelah” Williams, the lead singer of the 90’s trio 702, has proven herself to be a multi-talented individual with a heart of gold. Hailing from Las Vegas, Meelah is not only a singer/songwriter and actress, but also the compassionate founder of P.R.O.U.D., an organization dedicated to autism and special needs awareness. In a heartwarming move, Meelah decided to use her creative talents to write her first children’s book, “Zac’s Favorite Socks,” dedicated to her son Zac.


The book follows Zac, an enthusiastic young boy excited to start the first grade. However, his excitement takes a dip when he discovers that his favorite socks are missing. Suddenly, the day doesn’t seem as bright, and he becomes unsure about facing school without them. Meelah weaves a captivating tale about how Zac copes with his frustration and finds ways to express himself despite the challenges he faces. While the book does not explicitly mention autism, it subtly highlights repetitive behaviors and emphasizes the importance of communication and self-expression.


Meelah’s decision to write a children’s book stems from her desire to spread more awareness about autism and positively impact young minds. Having always admired rhyming books, she realized the creative potential in creating her own, using a character named after her beloved son.


Despite her busy schedule, juggling motherhood, her singing career with 702, authorship, and running a non-profit, Meelah remains dedicated to advocating for autism awareness. She actively engages in speaking engagements, sharing her experiences as a parent of a child with autism to support and inspire others.

Looking ahead, Meelah has big plans for her writing career. She intends to continue Zac’s adventures with a series of children’s books and even has another children’s album in the works. Her commitment to creating meaningful content for children that entertains, educates, and spreads awareness sets her apart from the crowd.

Moreover, Meelah’s striking difference lies in her refusal to conform to gimmicks or trends. Throughout her illustrious 25+ years in the entertainment industry, she has stayed true to herself, choosing to do things her way on her terms. In an era dominated by oversharing on social media, Meelah stands out for her choice to lead a private life, sharing only what she deems fit for public consumption. This approach is a refreshing departure from the pressure many public figures feel to reveal every aspect of their lives to the world.

As “Zac’s Favorite Socks” touches the hearts of readers and fosters a greater understanding of autism, Meelah’s dedication to making a positive impact continues to shine. With her upcoming book tour and signings, she will undoubtedly touch the lives of many more children and parents alike, leaving a lasting legacy as a compassionate artist, advocate, and storyteller.

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