Charm La’Donna: From Dance Prodigy to Industry Powerhouse – A Multi-Talented Artist Redefining Creativity and Inspiring Generations

Charm La’Donna, the multi-hyphenate artist from Compton, has risen from a young dance prodigy to become a creative director, choreographer, musician, and entrepreneur, making her a highly influential figure in her generation. Her journey began at an early age, dancing since she was three or four years old. Mentored by Fatima Robinson at the age of 10, she quickly made her mark in the industry. Touring with Madonna during her senior year of high school, Charm eventually founded Charm La’Donna Inc., solidifying her position as an industry powerhouse.


Approaching each project uniquely, Charm tailors her choreography to fit each artist’s vision while infusing her creative touch. Her exceptional talent has attracted A-list artists like Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and more, leading her to choreograph for prestigious events such as the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, and Academy Awards. One of her standout collaborations was directing Meghan Trainor’s “Mother” music video, where she seamlessly brought the artist’s vision to life.


Charm’s dedication to giving back is evident in her mentorship and teaching efforts through Charm La’Donna Inc., providing aspiring creatives with opportunities to flourish. Dance is her lifelong passion, and she remains motivated by constantly learning and evolving as an artist.

Photography by Claudio Robles

Her unique style, creative vision, and ability to create breathtaking performances have earned her trust and respect from the artists she collaborates with. Charm La’Donna’s inspiring rise from prodigy to boundary-breaking artist continues to inspire and shape the future of the industry.

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Can you tell us about your journey from being a dance prodigy to becoming a creative director, choreographer, and entrepreneur? I am pretty sure I have always been a performer (laughs). I have been dancing and in classes since I was 3 or 4 years old. At the age of 10, I met Fatima Robinson, and she cast me in a video and later became my mentor, and it all kind of started from there. I attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts until my senior year when I went on tour with Madonna. I continued to work with Fatima while going to college, and eventually I was able to branch out and build my own clientele and form Charm Ladonna, Inc. It’s been a journey filled with growth and adversity, but better than I could have ever imagined.


How do you approach your creative process when choreographing for different artists? Each artist is unique, and I prioritize that. I sit with them or get on a call with them to feel out what they want to do, and how comfortable they are with movement. And then I go to work finding movement that fits their ideas before I add in some of my own.  


Can you share with us some of your most memorable collaborations with A-list artists? There are so many, and each one is special but most recently, the collaboration with Meghan Trainor and directing her video for “Mother.” It was one of the smoothest sets I have been on from beginning to end. And I got to work with one of my closest friends (Meghan).


You have choreographed for some of the biggest events in the world, like the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. How do you prepare for such high-profile performances? It’s really organic. Depending on what is needed, I start with the creative, and with what the venue looks like. Then, I listen to the music and get a feel for the overall combination of those elements to start envisioning what the movement piece should look like. I really don’t focus on what the event is, I focus on creating a beautiful piece of art.

Photography by Claudio Robles

How do you utilize your platform to give back to your community and motivate the next generation of performers? I mentor, teach as many classes as I can and provide as many opportunities as possible for aspiring creatives. I want to make sure the doors stay open for them.


How do you stay motivated and inspired to continue pushing creative boundaries in your work? Dance is my passion and has been for as long as I can remember. I am always learning. The key to staying motivated is to never stop learning.


Can you talk about your experience choreographing for Rosalía’s performance at Coachella, which resulted in a song dedication from the artist? I have been choreographing Rosalia for a long time. That performance was a collective of choreography from multiple choreographers. Being able to help guide and shape the vision was an incredible experience and I am grateful to have been a part of it. The song dedication was really touching.


How do you balance the artistic visions of different artists you work with while maintaining your own unique style and creative vision? I’m fortunate enough that the artists I work with trust me and allow me to have a strong voice. They generally know how I feel and what I want to do. I know that the job is to bring the vision to life so being able to that create for them is something very special to me.


The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes you strikingly different? I think my talent, my gift and how I use it to be a vessel for the artists I work with, is what makes me strikingly different. When I create something that takes their breath away, I know I have done exactly what I set out to do.

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