Actress GG Townson Talks CW’s ‘All American’ and BET+ Original ‘Sacrifice’

Actress GG Townson has been featured on hit shows such as ‘All American’ and played the iconic role of ‘Salt’ in the movie adaptation of the lives of extraordinary female rappers ‘Salt-N-Pepa’. She was able to get to know Cheryl aka ‘Salt’ in a way that she never thought she would. That in depth approach is how she views roles given to her. Townson even applied it to her role as Jameson in BET+ series Sacrifice’. She applied the mannerisms of a real-life hip-hop star to the character, giving credit to the director of ‘Salt-N-Pepa’, Mario Van Peeples for enhancing her already impressive abilities.

The youngest of three children, the Los Angeles native was ready to break out of the shadow of her older siblings and make her own mark on the world. Growing up with 2 older brothers was not for the weak, but GG felt it toughened her up to the world of rejection she would face. GG is part of an entertainment legacy coming from the Townson name of fame. Her grandfather was none other than Ron Townson, lead singer of the R&B group, Fifth Dimension. She doesn’t feel the pressure however, as she is motivated to carve her own star on the Walk of Fame.

Love and light is how GG Townson sets out to see the world. She spends her spare time scarfing down yummy tacos and being the world’s best aunt. The actress still looks to her mother as the major inspiration of her life. She would tell other young women, who are looking to enter the business that they are simply enough. One’s morals will keep them on the straight and narrow to accomplish goals as they see fit.

“Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be.” – GG Townson

Townson is channeling her free and natural state when imagining her future. She is letting her opportunities come her way as she continues to navigate the career she loves and enjoys. A self-proclaimed control freak, she is looking forward to letting the reigns loose on her life. She loves the cliffhangers her television performances left for anticipating audiences on a weekly basis. A recurring role on another TV show would be a dream for the actress. GG Townson can be followed on any of her social media @ggtownson and on your very television screen.

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