Amanda Pavillard’s Beauty Line Will “Radiate” Positivity Worldwide

Amanda Pavillard wants to do everything to help people bring out their beautiful selves. As owner and creator of Radiate by Amanda, an international beauty company, her goal is to promote beauty from the inside out, not the other way around.

She also defines beauty as something that goes beyond looking good: it can simply be “embracing your individuality and being kind.”

The 21-year-old Colorado resident headed west six years ago to pursue acting and online content creating dreams on social media. But the more she lived in the LA area, she developed a passion for beauty and also increasingly wanted to find ways to help people, especially those dealing with mental health challenges.

“I wanted to empower people with this first collection and encourage them to stand up for themselves and to be the brightest version of themselves they could possibly be.”


Radiate by Amanda turned out to be the way to do it. The high-quality company was launched in April 2022 with the release of the first Radiate collection. She recently sat down with Contrast to share some of her accomplishments and her philosophies on inner and outer beauty.


True beauty has infinite definitions. Amanda’s goal is to continue using her platform to inspire. Read the full interview with Amanda Pavillard below!


Hi Amanda! Tell me a little bit about yourself! Hello, thank you so much for chatting with me! I’m excited to dive in! My name is Amanda Pavillard, and I’m a 21-year-old actress, content creator, and business owner from Castle Rock, Colorado. I moved out to LA six years ago to pursue acting and, somewhere along the way, found a creative outlet on social media. I focus a lot on beauty and wellness on my different social media platforms. That led me to create my own intentional beauty company this year called Radiate By Amanda! I live with my best friend Napa. She’s my rescue pup that’s been with me through my whole journey here. I love all things creative, and I’m super passionate about connecting with people and sharing what I can to help others.


Why do you feel it’s essential to use your platform to shed light on mental health awareness? I don’t think anyone goes through life without having some kind of mental health struggle. It’s something everyone deals with and something I don’t feel we talk about enough. There’s a huge lack in education and support surrounding mental health. In the age of social media, a majority of what we see online is a highlight reel. Most people aren’t comfortable sharing the darker sides of their life, and that leads to a lot of curated content that makes everything seem perfect.


 Especially for the younger generation, it’s important to shine a light on that stigma and remind people that no one’s life is all perfect and the things they may be struggling with, they’re not alone in. I will always be passionate about sharing my own mental health struggles online. The more people we have opening up about it, the more people’s understanding will grow. I don’t ever want anyone to feel alone or misunderstood, and if sharing my own struggles can help even one person on their own journey with mental health, I want to do that.

What is a common misconception people have about OCD? You can list a few if you’d like! The biggest misconception I feel around OCD, is that anyone who’s super clean or organized has OCD. This is a super harmful misconception for people who struggle with OCD, not only because it minimizes the disease, but also because that’s not always what OCD looks like. OCD is a very complex, very vast disorder that affects people in a lot of different ways. I wasn’t even aware I had OCD until I was eighteen years old and was able to start therapy and be diagnosed by a professional. 


 I always had the same idea that most people do around OCD and I wasn’t always super clean or organized, so I didn’t realize that OCD was actually the disorder I had been struggling with my whole life. OCD is intense, life or death feelings and can be very harmful in your life, especially if you’re not aware it’s what you’re struggling with. I hope more people can start to understand the severity and complexity of the disorder, another reason mental health education is so important.


 What’s your philosophy in life? My philosophy in life is very simple, always be kind and lead with love. There’s so much darkness and division in our world that isn’t necessary. I think if you can wake up every day and do your best to be kind to everyone and do all things with love, you’re helping to fight that darkness. We have to have grace with one another and accept that not everyone is going to align with our journey. I think you can be a strong person who stands up for yourself and others and still lead with love and kindness. It will always be my goal to bring more light into the world. 


 Tell me about your beauty company Radiate by Amanda! Radiate By Amanda is my intentional, clean beauty company that launched in April of this year. My goal with Radiate was to combine my passion for beauty with my passion for helping others. With every collection I drop, there’s a larger message behind the products. I want to promote beauty from the inside out and not the outside in. There are three products in the first Radiate Collection. We have the Starlight Luminizing Gloss in shade “Glow Away”, the Perfect Pop Highlight in shade “Golden Aura” and the You Made Me Blush Pigment Stick in shade “Rose Colored Glasses.” 


 I absolutely wanted to tell a story with this collection and the names are really what reflect that. The Radiate Collection mantra goes, “Once you remove the rose-colored glasses, you have the power to say glow away to anyone or anything that doesn’t bring you light and you’re free to radiate your golden aura for everyone to see.” I wanted to empower people with this fist collection and encourage them to stand up for themselves and to be the brightest version of themselves they could possibly be. Radiate By Amanda will always be high quality makeup with a bigger meaning and I’m really proud of our first collection, which will be restocking very soon!


 What is the true meaning of beauty? I define beauty as embracing your individuality and being kind. I don’t think beauty fits into this one mold we should all strive to fit into. I don’t think our beauty is defined by what we see either, it’s more about who we are. Our beauty evolves and grows with us. When we love ourselves deeply and we love those around us deeply, we radiate the most beautiful version of ourselves. I think that’s the true meaning of beauty.

What’s next for you? There’s a lot coming up for me that I’m very excited for. I’m focusing a lot on acting and auditioning, which is another huge passion for me. The biggest focus I have right now is Radiate By Amanda and we definitely have some more drops and collections coming in the future. We’ve been working really hard, and I can’t wait for everything to come together and for people to be able to use more of our products! I’m most excited to continue developing an intentional beauty company that shares important messages and high-quality products with the people who support and follow me! I also hope to continue sharing my mental health journey and inspiring others to do so too.


The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? I hope that what makes me strikingly different is my heart. I’m in an industry where I think it can be really easy to lose who you are and what you stand for. I’m really proud of the person I am and the friend that I am to those around me. I always want to be a person someone can lean on and someone with pure intentions. I think leading with love has always been what makes me stand out and I will always strive to continue being that way.


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