Wax Guru Kei Curry Is Taking Over The Beauty Industry State By State With Pretty Girls Get Waxed!

What are the top 3 brow styles that people are getting? Right now the natural brow is in. Less pencil, less powder, more brow.  The girls still love a defined brow but not so defined and highlighted like we’ve done in the past.

The bushy look is in. The brows that don’t look so “put together” not too much of an arch, just brow. Brushing the brows upward  is really big now too. If you get them done and trimmed correctly they look awesome. It puts you in mind of a brow lift.

What’s the benefits of using the signature PGGW Hard Wax over Sugar Wax? My Signature Hard Wax was created with women like me in mind.  It was created to be less painful and  more effective.  My Signature Hard wax adheres to your hair not skin so the removal is always less painful than other hair removing methods. Not to mention the clean up. There is little to none.  It doesn’t leave a sticky residue on clients.

Top 3 skincare products that we all should be using this summer? Well of course I’m going to say Pretty Girls Get Waxed products!

Pretty Girls Get Waxed Rescue Lotion is for sure top of the list.  It’s perfect for summer.  It’s a hydrating lotion not moisturizing so it’s like a drink of water for the skin. It has Aloe Vera, German chamomile, cucumber, and calendula which reduces redness, calms and relieves irritated skin.  It’s the perfect Vacay lotion for your face!

Pretty Girls Get Waxed Ingrown Hair Serum. It’s refreshing because of the peppermint in it so it wakes the skin up and I’m sure we’ll removing hair from our body some way or another so a serum to treat and prevent ingrown is very important! It’s super light weight and can be used by men as well!

The third product would be our Exfoliating Pads because great skin is always in! It’s literally like a facial in a jar. Leaves the skin glowing and radiant. They can be used on the face and body to treat acne, ingrown hairs and discoloration.  You will surely feel and look revitalized and refreshed after using these. All three of those products can be purchased online at prettygirlsgetwaxed.com

What’s your worst waxing story? Omg! I have seen it all. And after 10 years nothing surprises me. One thing I will never forget is witnessing a client have a bowel movement on the table while getting waxed.  It was very runny and mustard like which is what made it ten times worse. I almost threw up. I think I probably did in my mouth. The client was mortified but I did everything I could  to make her feel ok. I’ll never forget that or that client!

How often should women & men get waxed? How often you get waxed really depends on the area of the body you’re waxing and how your grows. Typically everyone falls in between the 2-4 week range. The hair growth cycle is 28 days. Sometimes people can go longer than 4 weeks but on average 4 weeks is the best time for the best results.

How do you define beauty? I equate beauty to happiness. Beauty is everywhere in everything honestly if you’re willing to see it. I think people are their most beautiful selves when they’re happy.  True happiness creates a glow in people that you can’t deny.  When people find their happiness it brings out their true beauty. Happy people are beautiful.

What are your top 3 beauty trends? Right now I’m loving the natural no make up looks. I think COVID stripped us all down to our real selves and we found ourselves wearing much less or no makeup at all and it seems like a it’s still a thing. I love a super glammed look I really do but I also love waking up and going and being ok with it and confident.

The low maintenance hair styles are huge now. I’ve seen a lot of braided styles this year and I love it. Your hair can become such a chore sometimes so seeing  the easy to manage styles everywhere is refreshing.

Lip liner and lip gloss is my fave. I struggle with finding a lipstick that doesn’t make me look old, so I tend to shy away from lipstick. I’ve always loved the glossy lined lip look so I appreciate seeing it on the girls this year

Can you share a personal experience that reshaped your views on the beauty industry? I personally struggled with acne. So I had a hard time understanding how some people didn’t struggle with it. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me or my skin and I thought acne was the worst “beauty” issue you could have. Becoming an Esthetician reshaped my views on the beauty industry because I learned that there are so many layers to beauty or the lack there of and everyone has their own struggles, and everyone’s journey with it is different and personal.  What may be a small issue to you may be a huge issue for someone else and vice versa. There are several different avenues to beauty but they all lead to improving your self confidence. When you reshape your self confidence you reshape the confidence of the people around you and it’s a domino effect.

What’s next for PGGW? Pretty Girls Get Waxed is growing. More locations, in more cities is next. I want everyone to be able to get The Pretty Girl Experience!

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different” … What makes you different? Well nobody can do me like me so there’s the difference.  In every aspect of life you can mimic, copy, or reference something or someone but it’ll never be that exact thing. I’m a brand. I am Pretty Girls Get Waxed, Professional, Trendy, Fun. and it’s just a vibe you can’t find anywhere else.


Born & raised in Richmond California, Erica has always had a passion for the Fashion & Beauty industry. As a former Costume Designer & Makeup Artist for commercials and film, Erica spent over 8 years professionally excelling in that field before stepping out on faith to become a Fashion & Beauty Publicist for some of your favorite brands. Now adding Beauty Editor to her resume, she has now joined the Contrast Magazine team and is ready to give our readers exclusive interviews with some of the best and undiscovered in the beauty industry, along with some of your favorite beauty & skincare tips and more.


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