Aston Releases New EP and Talks ‘Circles,’ Sex Positivism and More in New Interview

Looking for a new bop?

Well look no further then Aston and her latest single “Circles.” This addictive electro-pop jam is straight off of her self-titled EP. She brings a fresh new sound and looks to match! You’ll be captured in by her high energy dance floor beats and rhythm. With tracks like this she’ll have you dancing in circles to “Circles” on repeat!

In “Circles,” Aston sings, “I’m gonna blow you away,” and it’s no surprise that this triple threat singer, song-writer and activist does just that!

Have an exclusive listen to the full EP below!

She opens up and connects with her fans as she herself identifies as a member of the LGBT community as pansexual. She never knew how to identify herself until she heard the definition of pansexual. “It is the word that would best describe me. I don’t look at a person’s gender, gender identity, appearance, age or race. It’s all about the quality of their internal spirit.”

Aston empowers all her fans by stating, “no matter what you’ve been subjected to in the past, when you work your butt off, and stick with what you’re doing, anything is possible.”

Check out her interview below!


  1. What is your new single ‘Circles’ about?
    The song is all about the feeling you get when you meet someone and have a connection so strong that you feel you have no choice but to act on it. The feeling as if you are spinning just by the person’s touch.
  1. I love your style! Very bubble gum. Who are your style inspirations?
    Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney Spears. They all took fashion risks and had unique styles. I admire artists who pushed the limits with fashion. 
  1. What was the inspiration behind this EP?
    The EP has 4 dance songs, a love ballad and a song about heartbreak. It is an exact reflection of what I am going through as a young woman and also things I went through in my past. A lot of the tracks are about exploring my sexuality and feeling free to express it however you want. 
  1. What would you like to achieve with this EP?
    I’m hoping that my story and my music will give my fans the courage to be brave and express themselves. One of the greatest things you can achieve as an artist is making your fans feel good about themselves.
  1. You were bullied in high school for your open sexuality. How has it contributed to who you are today?
    I was always very open and proud about being pansexual, even as a teen, and it caused me to get picked on a lot in school. Being bullied has made me a stronger woman overall. I hope to be a voice for all of those people who are being hurt or bullied for their sexuality. I don’t want anyone to experience what I went through growing up.
  1. If you could leave behind at least one thing for your fans to live by, what would it be?
    The message I would want my fans to live by is to always be fearless. Don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed or scared to be who you are!
  1. What can we expect for you in the next 5 years?
    In the next 5 years I will be releasing new albums and I see myself performing all over the world. I know that with hard work and believing in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to. 

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