Cazzu Opens Up About Motherhood, Music, and Personal Growth in Exclusive Rolling Stone en Español Cover Story

In an exclusive cover story with Rolling Stone en Español, the talented Argentine rapper and singer Cazzu dives into the transformative journey she’s embarked upon, from her thriving music career to the exciting phase of impending motherhood. As she embraces the last stretch of her pregnancy, Cazzu reflects on the remarkable changes in her life, sharing candid insights into her thoughts, emotions, and aspirations.

Journalist Melisa Parada Borda paints a vivid picture of Cazzu’s life, capturing the nuanced moments that define this pivotal chapter. Balancing her role as an artist, especially in the dynamic Latin trap genre, with her newfound journey into motherhood, Cazzu reveals how she’s come to prioritize certain aspects of her life while letting go of others. As a first-time mother, she acknowledges the uncertainty that comes with welcoming a new life into the world, yet she exudes a sense of preparedness and responsibility. “Creo que ha sido uno de los momentos donde más me ha tocado crecer y pensar en cosas.” (“I think it has been one of the moments where I have had to grow the most and think about things.”)

Throughout her pregnancy, Cazzu has been absorbing the experiences of the mothers around her, gathering wisdom and insights that she anticipates will be invaluable as she enters the challenging phase of parenthood. Her introspection and personal growth shine through as she discusses the emotional and mental changes she’s undergone during this transformative period.

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With a unique blend of vulnerability and strength, Cazzu openly shares her thoughts on relationships, music, and career. She addresses her initial reservations about love and the evolution of her perspective, acknowledging the impact a loving partner can have on her life and career choices. The cover story reveals how Cazzu’s candid self-discovery has enabled her to approach life and her craft with newfound clarity and purpose.

“Hoy, con la edad que tengo, con el compañero que tengo, y sobre todo con las perspectivas y el contexto, lo veo diferente,” (“Today, with the age that I am, with the partner that I have, and above all with the perspectives and the context, I see it differently,”) says Cazzu. “Veo cómo me ayuda más, me suma más de lo que me resta.” (“I see how it helps me more, it adds more than it takes away.”)

Amidst her musings on life and motherhood, Cazzu also delves into her musical journey. The article highlights her pioneering role in the trap genre and her impact on shaping the music scene. She reflects on her evolution from her earlier work to her recent album, “Nena Trampa,” exploring the complexities of her musical identity and the fusion of her distinct styles.

The article pays homage to Cazzu’s ability to seamlessly intertwine her artistic persona, “Cazzu,” with her true self, Julieta. Her vulnerability as Julieta adds depth to her powerful music, a blend of passion and societal commentary that sets her apart as an artist and a force for change.

Cazzu posing pregnant for Rolling Stone en Espanol. Fashion credits include: Maxi tapado de pelo, Atelier Pucheta; Top de seda, Baldesari; Jeans con piedras, Kosiuko.; Sandalias, Rick Owens; Guantes de vinilo, Shvnga.; Anillo de plata, Limido.
Photography by Daniela Castañeda for Rolling Stone en Español..
Cazzu posing pregnant for Rolling Stone en Espanol. Fashion credits include: Vestido de microtul @KlappenOficial; Maxi botas Ricky Sarkany; Guantes y anillos de plata, Limido.; Cadenas Aracano Jewelry; Cadena con dije, Panker
Photography by Daniela Castañeda for Rolling Stone en Español..

Behind this captivating story is a talented team that brought Cazzu’s narrative to life. The visual and artistic direction, steered by director of photography Agustín Vidal and director of art Daniela Goldenstein, captures the essence of Cazzu’s journey. With styling by Jorge León and the creative touch of Pía Fernández Paz in production, the article resonates with both aesthetic and emotional depth.

In this exclusive cover story, Cazzu’s journey unfolds with authenticity, providing a rare glimpse into the life of a multifaceted artist on the brink of motherhood. With introspection, candor, and a dash of her trademark “bad bitch” energy, Cazzu opens the door to her world, inviting readers to join her on this remarkable adventure of self-discovery and transformation.


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