Check This Out: Discover Neutrogena’s Transformative Lineup for Radiant Skin

In the ever-evolving world of skincare, Neutrogena‘s latest healthy and hydrating products are here to revolutionize your beauty routine. Highly esteemed Latinx board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Bertha Baum, endorses these products for their ability to cater to your skin’s evolving requirements, including the defense against external threats like UV rays, pollution, and wind.

Discover a refreshed and revitalized skincare journey as we delve into the remarkable benefits of Neutrogena’s new lineup below.

Hydro Boost Water Cream

The Hydro Boost Water Cream from Neutrogena emerges as a game-changer in the realm of hydration. With a remarkable 9x more lightweight hydration, this cream gracefully transforms into a water-like sensation upon application, delivering an intense and enduring moisturizing experience. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Moisturizing Factors, and Lipids, it profoundly boosts your skin’s hydration reserves. Backed by clinical evidence, this cream provides an impressive 72-hour hydration, making it a true ally for all skin types, even those prone to sensitivity and acne.


Daily Facial Moisturizer

Unveil your skin’s potential with Neutrogena’s Daily Facial Moisturizer. Designed with sensitivity and reactivity in mind, this dermatologist-tested moisturizer is a game-changer. With proven 48-hour hydration, it not only strengthens your skin’s dynamic barrier after just one use but also leaves a non-greasy, matte finish. Enriched with renowned ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), and Vitamin E, it offers a nourishing touch to your daily routine. Free from allergens, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and dyes, this moisturizer is a testament to Neutrogena’s commitment to healthy skincare.


Hydro Boost Ultra Hydrating Serum

Experience the magic of Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Ultra Hydrating Serum, a transformative solution powered by dermatologist-recommended components like Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Moisturizing Factors. Instantly rejuvenate and enhance the texture of dry skin with 72-hour hydration. Over a span of four weeks, witness the reduction in pore appearance, while reveling in smoother and brighter skin. Compatible with all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin, this serum stands as an essential addition to your beauty regimen.

Clear Complexion Antioxidant Gummies with Zinc

Neutrogena’s Clear Complexion Antioxidant Gummies with Zinc bring innovation to skincare from within. Crafted for individuals aged 14 and above, these gummies are a delectable blend of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. With vitamins A, C, and E combating free radicals and Selenium promoting cellular detox, these gummies support even skin tone and overall health.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Neutrogena’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser introduces an unprecedented powder-to-foam cleansing experience. Providing instant refreshment and restoration, this cleanser effectively rids your skin of daily aggressors, all while catering to sensitive skin. The inclusion of an aluminum reusable bottle emphasizes Neutrogena’s dedication to sustainable practices, making this cleanser a holistic choice for your skincare routine.

Skin Hydration Astaxanthin Gummies with Vitamin C

For those aged 18 and above, Neutrogena presents Skin Hydration Astaxanthin Gummies with Vitamin C. These gluten-free, berry-flavored gummies boast plant-based Astaxanthin, clinically proven to enhance skin hydration. Bolstered by Vitamin C’s protective prowess for vital collagen, these gummies epitomize the union of taste and skincare efficacy.

Incorporating Neutrogena’s latest offerings, guided by the expertise of Dr. Bertha Baum, into your daily routine is a step towards embracing radiant and revitalized skin. These innovative products promise to adapt, nourish, and enhance, aligning seamlessly with the ever-changing needs of your skin.

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