Chelsea Harris Talks Hit TNT Series “Snowpiercer”

Chelsea Harris’ prominent roles in two sci-fi shows have led her to learn something interesting about herself: she loves the genre.

Growing up in Georgia, she was aware of shows like “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” mostly because the program was shown on Friday nights, between “The Simpsons” and “The X-Files.” But she generally preferred The Disney Channel.

Before shooting began, she spent a month watching every episode of the franchise, enjoying the stories’ creativity, the effects, and especially the relevance to past and present social and political issues.

The love of sci-fi continued when she was offered a role as Sykes in the second season of “Snowpiercer,” a televised continuation of the successful yet bleak 2013 post-apocalyptic train film.

Now, Harris is happy to call herself a fan, which works out well. In shows like “Picard,” the writers and director may show her the script for the episodes she’s in, but she isn’t told anything about the episodes she’s not in or even future episodes.

This way, she can enjoy seeing a well-written story unfold and be just as amazed as the rest of us.

Although science-fiction is becoming an enjoyable genre for Harris to find work in, she’s open to other projects as well.

Over the years, she’s been in a wide variety of shows and films, even in a couple of episodes of the teen hit “Hannah Montana” way back when. Appearances on “NCIS,” “Community,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” also boosted her profile in the public eye. Audiences are getting more and more excited to see her role in the planned release of “Top Gun Maverick,” which now is slated for a 2021 premiere. The much-anticipated, much-delayed film is a resumption of the story of the 1980s flying ace still played by Tom Cruise.


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