Damon Sharpe talks about his new single ‘Lost Years,’ podcast and future ambitions

Damon Sharpe came out with his new single, ‘Lost Years’ with Josh Cumbee, which he talked about with Contrast in an interview. ‘Lost Years’ preaches the message to make up for lost time after the pandemic, but also carries a polarity, binding relationships, life and his own career as well into the words wherein he told us that he is now actively working on projects he had left in the backseat for while.

The remix for the track brings some serious trance vibes with Cubicore and also delivers strong slap house and future house feel-good electricity, all thanks to Damon’s desire for bringing in new flavors to the music.

Damon told Contrast that what makes him different is him embracing who he is as an individual and deciding his own path. “Whether it’s a unique way of thinking, living, or even something as simple as crazy colored hair or an eccentric fashion sense, we need to enjoy the freedom of truly being ourselves!” says Damon Sharpe.

Damon also talked to us about his podcast, ‘Damon Sharpe presents Brainjack Radio’ which features a multitude of new music from pre-releases by A-List artists to new talent. It also has a 15-minute guest mixer each episode, Gattuso, Pink Panda, Morgan Page and CID being some of the famous features. Damon has created a dystopian future theme for the podcast, with aims to create a community and hopes to extend the monthly podcast into a weekly one soon.

Damon has also worked with big artists like Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Ariana Grande being some of them, and says that the creative process is distinct every time to maintain freshness, with him presenting a finished piece to the artist at times or working from the ground up in person otherwise or even customizing the idea if an artist likes the initiative. Going further, Damon Sharpe looks to get back to performing live shows again around the world. His new single, “15 Minutes” will be out soon and the one-year anniversary episode of Brainjack Radio comes out 14th May on Insomniac Radio, featuring all the songs he’s been a part of. All the further details will be available on his social media and website.

Talk to me about ‘Lost Years.’ What’s the overall message behind this song?  Lost Years is a collaboration with the amazing Josh Cumbee. Ironically we wrote this song before Covid, but it really fits the narrative of making up for the lost time once this pandemic comes to an end. But there is a duality to it as well, which ties into relationships, life, and even my career itself. I had my artist project on the back burner for far too long, and I am now making up for lost years in this new chapter!

How did these remixes come about? I really wanted some different flavors for the remix package. Cubicore brought major Trance vibes, Jeonghyeon is giving you Future House energy, and Disco Fries deliver Slap House feel-good electricity! 

You host your own podcast called “Damon Sharpe presents Brainjack Radio.” Tell me about the show and where you’d like to see it go! It was created as a place to showcase new music that I’m loving, with most of it being pre-releases from A-List artists to the newest talent. I also feature a 15-minute guest mixer each week and have had some really amazing ones to date, including Morgan Page, CID, Gattuso, Pink Panda, and many more. I wanted to offer a destination not only for new music but to create a sense of community. It’s set in a dystopian future where music is outlawed and uploaded directly to the brain. That is the world of Brainjack. It is currently a monthly podcast, but I would love to expand it into a weekly show if my schedule allows it! 

You’ve worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, and more amazing artists. Walk me through the creative process when working with such iconic artists. It’s always a different process which keeps it fresh. Sometimes I will pitch a fully finished song; other times, we will create from the ground up in person or a hybrid of the two where they like the initial idea, then we customize it. 

What’s next for you? So many exciting things! My next single, “15 Minutes,” will be dropping very soon. On May 14th, the one-year anniversary episode of Brainjack Radio will air on Insomniac Radio featuring all songs I am either the artist on, have produced, or written. That will make for an eclectic episode! Sort of a recap on my past and a glimpse into my future. Live shows are also coming! I’m definitely ready to start traveling again. Pre-covid, I was everywhere from China to Romania to Amsterdam to London! Stay tuned to my official website and socials for updates on that. 

The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different?I’ve always been one to make my own path. When I was a kid, I was a self-professed nerd. I still am lol I always embraced that. I think sometimes we are afraid to be different. But there’s so much beauty in individuality. Whether it’s a unique way of thinking, living, or even something as simple as crazy colored hair or an eccentric fashion sense, we need to enjoy the freedom of truly being ourselves! 

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