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Diamonds on Demand: How Liori Diamonds Took Over NYC’s Diamond District with Lab-Grown Gemstones

In the past, lab-grown diamonds were thought of as simply an accessible alternative to naturally mined diamonds. However,  this is no longer the case. In fact, lab-grown diamonds are becoming more sought after than naturally mined diamonds with the help of technological advancements that make them more unique and desirable.

Lab diamonds are made up of the exact same chemical composition as natural diamonds. To this point, they are identical both physically and visually. The only way to tell the difference between the two is through “sophisticated devices developed by GIA and other organizations,” according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

As a relatively new product, many still do not know the ins and outs of the processes behind high-end, lab-grown diamonds. Furthermore, the technologies are constantly updated and some brands even allow customers to design their own custom diamonds. One of these companies, Vrai, has a “Cut for You” program that allows anyone to buy a diamond that is grown to any specifications they may want.

Another brand, New York City-based retailer Liori Diamonds, has taken New York’s diamond district by storm. The brand’s founder and CEO, Avi Aranbaiev, believes that lab-grown diamonds will continue to take over the industry. Lab-grown diamonds are more ethical, sustainable, and affordable — and in some cases, rarer —  and Liori has everything. While the brand specializes in unique, fancy, and colorful lab-grown diamond engagement rings, it also offers other lab-grown diamond-based jewelry like tennis bracelets, earrings, diamond watches, and chains in addition to naturally-mined diamond products.

Liori prides itself on its focus on transparency and quality, and its unique collection ranges from 10 to 26-carat diamonds — all of which are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the most well-known and well-respected certification in all of the diamond industry.

Liori Diamond’s Home Try On Collection is further revolutionizing the industry and engagement ring purchasing experience. The Home Try On Collection enables customers to try multiple diamond rings in the comfort of their homes. Customers have five days to decide which ring they like best. This melange of online convenience and over-the-top displays of affection sets the Liori Diamonds experience apart giving customers looking for the ideal engagement ring unmatched flexibility.

Now, when you can get exactly what you want at the touch of a button while being both more sustainable and wallet-friendly, the lab diamond industry will continue to prosper.

As the demand grows, visit Liori Diamond’s website or Instagram for some of the industry’s most sought-after diamonds.


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