Dominican Producer and Artist Maffio Talks New Album “Eso Es Mental” with Contrast News

Dominican producer and artist Maffio is releasing the album of the summer. And although he’s no stranger to the music industry, he admits the anticipation leading up to the release date has him feeling nervous. “It’s like having a baby,” he said. And since this isn’t his first “baby,” Maffio knows just what to do when it comes to calming his nerves. “Honestly, once the album drops at 12 AM, I go to sleep and finally rest… then the next day I wake up happy and anxious to read the comments,” he said.


Maffio’s highly anticipated album ‘Eso es Mental’ has a Side A and a Side B. “The phrase “Eso es Mental” (That’s mental) is like a state of mind. We have to understand that we are blessed and it could always be worse,” he said. With such a positive message and outlook on life, fans are expecting the songs to be upbeat and full of good vibes. “Music has no rules. My album is like a buffet… it has everything,” said Maffio.


The tracklist includes twenty three songs (plus an intro and an interlude). “I truly took my time creating this project- I wasn’t in a rush. And now two years later I have this masterpiece,” said Maffio.

With over ten artists featured on the album, Maffio reveals how he decides what artist/s he wants on a track. “It’s like a big puzzle with a million little pieces and you’re just piecing it all together. But usually as I’m making the songs I start to envision who will sound good on what,” he said. 


Some of the artists featured are Akon, Kiko El Crazy, and Don Miguelo. “It’s a great feeling when your colleagues are your friends. Whenever I pick up the phone and call them for work they’re always there for me, said Maffio; who assured us his friends can always count on him as well.


As a producer, Maffio is known for creating one of a kind beats. “I always go to the studio unprepared,” he said. Though he admits he can become inspired at any given moment. “Something as simple as a voice note I sent earlier will light up an idea in my head. Or even a squeaky chair noise,” said Maffio. 


His undeniable talent is exactly why everyone is so excited to hear the album! “It was made with a lot of love and passion,” said Maffio.


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