Emerging R&B Artist FrankHaveMercy on his Time in the Military, Musical Inspirations, and more.

It’s not every day you come across an artist as captivating as FrankHaveMercy. The North Carolina-born former Army veteran has been steadily making a name for himself in the hip-hop world.

At 19, Frank Jackson, now known as FrankHaveMercy enlisted in the U.S. Army. While serving active duty in Afghanistan, Jackson picked up a camera for the first time and discovered a passion for capturing beauty in the most unlikely places. “I came back from Afghanistan and I was very detached,” Jackson reveals. “People like Cole Younger, and Paid2Shoot really inspired my photos back in 2014. From there my passion for aesthetics and capturing moments just grew.”

fter he finished his time in the Army, Frank was left to reevaluate his life and seek out new endeavors that satisfied his desire for creativity; he fell in love with music all over again. “I was always around music growing up,” he says. “My mom is a big music lover. And my grandparents literally made me sing in the choir in church.”

Although he has only been releasing music since 2019, he has been able to work with major powerhouses in the industry. “I was working very closely with MixedbyAli back in 2017 doing creative direction and taking photos for him,” Frank said. “That allowed me to be in some legendary studio sessions when he mixed Kendrick’s “Damn” album, and Nipsey Hussle’s “Victory Lap” just to name a few.”

Traveling to different cities with pennies to his name and meeting with different creatives eventually transpired into his music. Jackson was heavily involved in the entire creative process for his album artwork. Now, fresh off the release of his first complete album, FrankHaveMercy is not showing any mercy. Most of the album was created in Cabo – a very unlikely source of inspiration for the Fayetteville native. 

“We went there for a month,” he said. “We tried so many different methods.” Frank and his team recorded in the morning, evening, late nights, and even outside at times. In addition to being fully immersed in his album, he also spearheaded efforts for his album artwork.

“I’m super involved with every part of the album artwork,” he said. “I sat down with Jacob Rochester and he was able to bring everything that I was inspired by into such an iconic album cover.”

“Endless Summer” is unlike previous projects FrankHaveMercy has released in the past. 

“The production is top tier, the writing, the performance, the intent,” Frank said. “It’s so new and fresh. Don’t be surprised if Endless Summer is the best of the year.”

So, what’s next for FrankHaveMercy? Frank revealed that fans can expect him to be innovative, creative, and free. He also strives to represent the core of what it means to be an artist. He has so much to give, and he’s just getting started.

‘Endless Summer’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

Talent & Creative Direction by @frankhavemercy.

Photography by @baz.

Publicity by @emilyblairmarcus + @emilyblairmedia.

Written by @mlynnleon.

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