Hip-Hop Artist & Viral Sensation Cyrus Dobre Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Thanks to TikTok, we’ve fallen in love with creators from all over such as viral cosplayer Twisted Pennywise or the creator of the Sando Twist, Abiud Sando to the world’s first Latin girl group, Bella Dose. All of these creators are using their platform to take themselves to the next level.

One of those creators is Cyrus Dobre of the Dobre Brothers. At only 28 years old, he has become the youngest person to take off in flight using a jetpack thanks to Jetpack Aviation. The $375K jetpacks are currently in processing, as the company aims to distribute to markets including the medical field and entertainment avenues.

To this day, only 7 people have had the honor of testing their specialized jetpacks, including Cyrus. His clip displaying himself flying has received an astounding 19 million views on TikTok, an ESPN Sport’s Center feature, and 1.2 million views on WorldStarHipHop.

Cyrus Dobre got his start as one-third of the Dobre Brothers on the now closed app Vine, before moving to their favored YouTube channel and now TikTok. The site was a test to their timing as it requested only comedic shorts. While on YouTube, they performed acrobatics, risky stunts, and fresh hip-hop music. These days, Cyrus has branched out on his own, making hits with singers such as Tory Lanez and rap superstar, Lil Pump.

He states he keeps a positive aura by keeping those who love him near. As a rising star, he knows that he has to keep a light around him in his darkest days. Dobre would advise any other talented entertainer to keep a positive mindset as this is a career that comes with a lot of no’s. He sees his self-confidence as his very own superpower because every day he works to become the best version of himself he could be. The difference in Dobre is that he has had very limited self doubt, if any at all.

At the start of 2021, Dobre released an EP entitled, ‘Next Level’ that he is truly proud of. He is looking forward to building off the EP and evolving to an even better artist. ‘Goin’ Up’ is his main single fellow musician, Tory Lanez. He describes the experience as one he was blessed to be a part of and will forever cherish the memory.

Cyrus’ dream music collaborations include Latin phenomena J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, and even The Weeknd. Cyrus Dobre’s music is streaming on all digital platforms and the creator can be found on any of his social media platforms.

Creative Director: Michael D. Monroe
Photographer: Luc-Richard Ellie
Story: Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Helio PR Group.

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‘Reina’ by Cyrus Dobre featuring Jacky Romero is out now!


Cyrus Dobre – Reina feat. Jacky Romero OUT NOW! Link in bio!

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