Emma Dumont Talks Juggling College & Work And What To Expect From ‘The Gifted’ Finale

If you love action with your adventure and are willing to throw in Superhero’s and Villain’s; that have ruled the small and silver screen with many different iteration’s of many of our childhood favorite cartoons and comics; Try out Marvel and FOX’s winter sensation The Gifted. Marvel’s X-Men universe just got a little bigger this winter when we were ‘Gifted’ with this seasons new superhero hit The Gifted. The Gifted enters the X-Men universe as one of the many different timelines created by Wolverine’s changing of the time streams in the ‘Days of Future Past‘ movie. Mutants are being persecuted and hunted, after a cataclysmic event that caused the disappearance of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants, by the government and the private military organization Trask Industries.

The Gifted focuses on the Strucker Family and how they are affected by the development of the mutant powers their children have, and the different groups helping and hunting them. One group helping the Strucker Family is the Mutant Underground, led by Polaris, Eclipse, Blink and Thunderbird. We caught up with one of the leaders of the Mutant Resistance, Lorna Dane alias Polaris played by Emma Dumont; while catching up with Emma we asked her about her life, school, and the show; especially the season finale of The Gifted.

Emma is a seasoned actress at the very young age of 23, and has played some major roles in film and TV (Bunheads, The Magicians, Aquarius, and the Fosters to name a few). The Gifted being her latest project in her acting career. Emma was born in Seattle, Washington on November the 15th, 1994. Emma is a smart and talented young woman who had the passion and fervor to pursue her interests, which include music, theatre, ballet, math, science and engineering. Emma Started ballet when she was 3, studying at Pacific Northwest Ballet School, Cornish College of the Arts, and Spectrum Dance Theatre School while spending her summers at the American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet School, and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia.

She began performing in community theater at age 6, with some of her performances gracing the stages of the Seattle Public Theatre and Seattle Musical Theatre. Her musical theater skills were strengthened by four summers at 5th Avenue Theatre. Emma happens to be a highly skilled violist and violinist having started to play at the age of 4. She has played with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras and most recently the Glendale Youth Orchestra. She also was a part of the ‘First Robotics’ competition on a team sponsored by NASA/JPL and Walt Disney Imagineering. She now attends Georgia State University with plans to graduate with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

Emma, having grown up in the vigorous world of ballet and musical theatre has made her adept at adapting to the life of a young actress. She say’s her years in the musical theatre world were magical, has made her appreciate each project and make it special. He costars have become her family during each project she partakes in. Speaking of family, Emma has her own furry family member Zoe. Zoe is a black lab mix that she rescued from an abusive situation: which she said caused her and her mother to cry. She plans on getting a DNA test done on her to find out the exact breed.

Emma is currently filming The Gifted in Atlanta, while also juggling school. Even though she is a famous actress, and in a TV show, her professors don’t give her slack. She describe all-nighters, and sleepless weekends to balance her education, and her passion for acting, as her life. Homework strewn across the set, studying mechanical engineering, and her scripts. When she auditioned for the role she had a black eye, and they didn’t even know what the name of the character was going to be and what the script would look like.While in her down time she read up on her role Polaris and grew to appreciate the X-Factor version from the comics the most. She say’s her engineering background really helped her out with her role as Polaris; daughter of Magneto.

She talks about the growth of her powers, and how they mirror Magneto’s. We asked her about Magneto and his possible future on the show, if he will appear, and who does she want to play him? She evaded the answer saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” She said she doesn’t have a favorite to play Magneto and she doesn’t know if she wants anyone to play him. Romance isn’t in the air on set either, while joking that “Sean and Blair sure do spend a lot of time together. No; I’m just kidding! Ha!”, saying that they usually just get together to hang out in Atlanta to host The Gifted viewing parties together and “quote each others’ lines badly! Haha!”

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We asked for a sneak peak of the Season one Finale. She smirked and coyly replied “Something Magnificent is going to happen.” She also described some tension building between her character and Marcos, and them not seeing eye to eye. Is this tension about them going up against the Sentinel Services, the baby, or them joining up with the Frosts?

Who truly knows until tonight’s season finale episode.

Edited by Kayla Lambrisky.

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