‘Energy Bundle’ Lilly Krug Speaks On New Challenging Role in Film ‘Shattered’

Actress and self-proclaimed “energy bundle” Lilly Krug has a new and challenging role in the upcoming thriller “Shattered”. Starring in the film are fellow acting alums Cameron Monaghan, John Malkovich, and comedian Dat Phan. Krug takes on the role of Sky who has entered the life of a rich divorcee, Chris and in her mysterious behavior, places his life in jeopardy. Krug is thrilled to take on this new role and can’t wait to show off her acting chops as a cunning and sinister siren.

Munich-born actress Lilly Krug has a long history of traveling all over the globe. Originally from Germany, she spent a small portion of her childhood in South Africa before finally making the leap to Los Angeles. She found the journey necessary to not only elevate her career but as nourishment for her already curious mind. The actress has found pride in learning about various cultures, challenging her views of the world. Krug encourages anyone who is also foreign-born to look at their nationality with pride as opposed to a hindrance.

In that same breath, she has also majored in the people-reading field of Psychology. The education Krug has collected in that sector has only enhanced her ability to take on the different roles she’s allotted. Her ability to understand the way others think helps her connect to her characters in a way that makes her one to watch in Hollywood.

‘Shattered’ actress Lilly Krug photographed by Kristin Gallegos.

In fact, this is something she admires about her flirty yet vengeful character Sky. Sky using her alluring and seductive charm to gloss over the fact that she is a powerful threat is unlike anything Lilly has done before.

“Her observation of people is very thorough, and she adapts to her environment and learns the behavioral patterns she needs to survive,” says Krug on her character, ‘Sky.’

The thespian stays grounded when seeking motivation and turn to the source she holds most fondly – her family. According to Lilly, they are the most hardworking people she knows even with her extensive history working on various sets. She is currently looking forward to the release of the 2022 thriller, Shattered.

In addition, Lilly Krug has also worked on a project titled THE PLANE that is set for a summer release. Follow her on Instagram @lillykrug to stay updated on the actress, Shattered, and THE PLANE.

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Read the full interview by Lesley Logan with Lilly Krug below.

Hello! Tell us about yourself, Lilly. I am excited to chat. How would I describe myself to you? I am an energy bundle! I love to work and be busy, I’m very organized, love to read and workout, and I love spending time in nature.

Speaking of the New Year, what are your personal and professional resolutions?
That’s a great question. I totally believe in making goals and new resolutions throughout the year, growth is continuous, and it is wonderful to see all the progress you make. A personal goal through the new year for me is to stay curious.

Learn more about different culture, places, get to know different people, to go beyond my comfort zone and learn new skills. I also want to continue to contribute to my community through social work and community nurturing activities. My professional goal is to continue to learn, grow as an actress and be able to explore a character in a detailed manner like I did with Sky.

We see you were born and raised in Germany. What made you decide to cross the ocean into an American acting career? I was! I spent most of my childhood in Germany but lived in South Africa for a year when I was 8, and in LA for a year when I was 14 years old. Being fortunate enough to travel a lot in my childhood, I have always had great joy in indulging in new cultures and places. I also like to challenge myself, and I thought moving across the ocean and trying to turn my passion into a career sounded like the perfect next challenge.

How does your role in the upcoming thriller, SHATTERED, with “Gotham” and “Shameless” known Cameron Monaghan compare to the others you’ve had to take on? Shattered was very different to any project I did before. Not only was this my first lead, but Sky, the character I played, has two distinct personalities. One that is flirtatious, sweet, and innocent and then another that is assertive, revengeful, and powerful. I loved to explore the play between the two and the quick switches Sky makes.

She knows of her beauty and uses this for power and control, trying to make use of all her assets. Her observation of people is very thorough, and she adapts to her environment and learn the behavioral patterns she needs to survive. That’s what makes her so interesting, her ability to hop into other characters.

What created an interest in choosing to enter college as a Psychology major? Do you feel that type of knowledge would benefit your acting career? I just love people. I love understanding emotions, why people act certain ways, how you can best help people around you. Weirdly enough I wanted to study psychology before I got into acting and only then noticed how well they both fit together. Psychology supports character analysis a lot, by allowing you to explore the psyche of the character and explore their emotional quirks, hopes, and fears.

Is there any advice you would give to other foreign-born actors? That being foreign is not a disadvantage at all. If you have a love for the craft and enjoy being on set and exploring new places and characters, and dedication to learning and exploring all aspects of yourself, that is the foundation of an acting career. You should embrace your nationality and where you are from because it is a part of you.

What or who inspires you the most when you feel unmotivated? My family. They are the most hard-working people I know, and their dedicated, hard work, and passion just rubes off on me.

What can we expect to see from you this year? I hope everyone is seeing Shattered, I would love to hear what people think about it. Otherwise, I also filmed a movie called THE PLANE last autumn which should be coming out this summer! Stay tuned for some gripping action.

‘Shattered’ actress Lilly Krug photographed by Kristin Gallegos.




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