‘Finding Prince Charming’ Contestant Puts Foot In His Mouth Via Social Media

Regardless of being eliminated only two episodes into Logo‘s Bachelor remake, Finding Prince Charming, makeup artist, Jasen Kaplan, somehow sees himself as a winner, at the end of the day… for some reason.

The New York based makeup artist took to Facebook this passed Wednesday to share his thoughts on New York drag performer, Marti Gould Cummings, stating that Cummings was the “ugliest drag you’ve ever seen in daylight.” See the hateful post below.

Now, if this were about me, I’d take this to heart and would probably upset me a great deal. Not miss thang Marti Gould Cummings. She took the high road approach and decided to respond to this attempted display of self righteousness by stating I love the evolution I have had as a queen. I love using my voice for our community. I love all forms of drag.

We love you Marti and hope you continue to spread love and kindness through art and performance. Contrast means “to be strikingly different” and that’s what you are. You don’t try and fit into the trends. You pave your own path.

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