Georgel Talks ‘NO PUTX,’ What Makes A Man and More

Georgel is breaking barriers within society’s definition of manhood.

The singer-songwriter discussed what it means to become a man despite society’s expectations.

“I think that a real man is a real human being. It’s somebody that isn’t afraid to be very vulnerable, very sensitive, very kind, but at the same time isn’t afraid of being strong, powerful, and provocative,” Georgel said.

Coming from a musical background, Georgel Julio Rosas-Reyes grew up in the city of Monterrey and knew that music was something special to him that he wanted to take further.

As a 13-year-old, he started to develop his craft for music and songwriting; his teachers memorized his talent and emphasized that he should leave Mexico to take his music seriously in the United States.

“I was running away from a lot of sh*t in Mexico. Monterrey is so conservative,” he said.

Georgel has had over 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 11 million views on Youtube with that drive and passion.

He created his latest song, “No Putx,” featuring Tito Fuentes, to affirm him putting his foot down on the homophobic slur. 

He expresses to the world that this is who he is and that nobody will define him with that word.

Through this song, peeled back a new layer of himself, showing that he is not the one. He tells the relatable stories he has had with homophobia.

“It just such a harsh word and so disruptive,” he said.

As he maneuvers through the music industry, he makes sure he is full of integrity and making sure he never hides who he is and encourages others to do the same.

Georgel is putting together his out music festival for the second year, which is a culmination of 10 LGBTQ+ artists where he is using his platform to extend pride month and show love to all LGBTQ+ creatives.

“No Putx” is the second single off my upcoming EP “Oscuro,” which means dark… and I’m excited for what’s coming out,” he said.

He continues to put his pen to the test and always remain strikingly different. “I’m coming to a point where I am the greatest songwriter… and I’m okay saying it now and I am proud of it,” he said.

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