How Lexy Panterra is Breaking Down Barriers With Music and Dance

The super talented Lexy Panterra, also known as ‘Virgin Lex’, is moving forward in her career and focusing on enhancing her music. The dancer who provides twerk lessons on Only Fans, called ‘TwerkOut’, is all set to take you away with her incredible new tracks. In our interview with her, she explains how the pandemic has given her time to learn a lot about herself, love herself, and evolve into a new personality. When asked
about what she misses most from when things were normal, she said: “I definitely miss hanging out with friends, partying at the club, but I certainly don’t miss the traffic!” The artist has been working on her music and developing her skills in her time being quarantined at home. The positive and inspiring artist has been creating a better version of herself and enhancing her skills.

Photographer: Juliana Civitate
Hair & Makeup: Soreya Yann
Styling & Nails: Lexy Panterra
Publicist: Emily Blair Media

Lexy has been creating amazing content for quite some time. Her twerk lessons on the platform OnlyFans have been truly successful. She treats OnlyFans like a website and wants to provide quality content to her users. This year, due to the pandemic, she will be conducting an online ‘Virtual Twerk Camp’ and hopes that it will provide the participant’s happiness and joy in these challenging times. The event will be held in September, and it will include two days of classes, guest appearances, and packages of gifts and merchandise. Usually, her team conducts twerk camps annually, and they are super hit events, but due to the current circumstances, it will be held online this year.

Lexy grew up taking dance classes and singing lessons and really appreciates her super supportive parents. She has always been the athletic type and loves to be fit! Lexy believes that everyone should try to be healthy and fit. You have to do it for yourself and love your body, work hard every day, and create the best version of yourself.

Her new persona, ‘Virgin Lex’ is the result of this quarantine. The spare time on her hands has allowed her to create and develop music and rap skills. Lexy says quarantine is like being born again, and this time she’s a rapper! ‘Virgin Lex’ has released a phenomenal track called ‘Only Fans’, and it is one of the ten tracks on her EP. She’s very excited about this new venture and hopes to spread love and positivity through her music. Lex is also working on an upcoming project called ‘Baddie Vibez’ which is a rap
EP. Her inspiration for rap and music comes from artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Rihanna and all such powerful and incredible women artists. She grew up listening to rap music and loves the ‘new age’ women empowerment rappers.

Lex, too, has had ups and downs in her life. And one of the lowest moments in her life that completely changed her perspective was when she was on the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and couldn’t show her true talents. She explains how she wasn’t able to perform and deliver her best and realized that she had a lot more work to do. And since then, Lex has been working proficiently to improve her skills and evolve into a better version of herself. That moment changed her career as an artist and pushed her to work hard and achieve what she aspires. It motivated her to push harder every day and never give up.

Lex, in general, loves to read books, work on herself, and believes there is a higher power that is always there for her. She is truly an inspiring personality. The thing that makes Lex strikingly different is that she still has her childlike innocence within her. She doesn’t let the world change and affect this innocence and believes that this is what makes her unique.

OnlyFans is a platform that is generally popular for adult content, but Lex says this platform has the potential to become a big hit in the coming time. She believes that an artist should be able to monetize their hard work, and that’s why she uses OnlyFans for her dancing lessons. This talented and amazing artist continues to amaze us with her stellar new tracks and dance content, and we look forward to more such beautiful creations from her.

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