Kesha Finds Support In Her “Animals”

It’s been a long year for pop artist Kesha. If you are unfamiliar with her recent legal battles with Dr. Luke & Sony Records, The Verge’s Jamieson Cox has written a comprehensive explanation. To shorten the story, Kesha claims that the producer had drugged and raped her multiple times throughout their collaborative experiences on her albums. Kesha’s fans, known to the world as Animals, have taken to Twitter to voice support for the singer-songwriter. Entertainment media & news outlets seem to have ignored reporting on Kesha’s claims; however, they are still focusing on other lawsuits pertaining to other artists such as Taylor Swift and Robin Thicke.

Fans and various Twitter users attempted to get the hashtags #FreeKeshaNow & #SonyMusicSupportsRape to go viral on the social media platform throughout the past week. Take a look at some these tweets below.

Kesha’s current music career appears to be in a state of legal limbo. Kesha’s fans have been reaching out to anyone that will listen or tweet the listed hashtags. Many claim that Sony Music is encouraging rape culture by forcing Kesha to finish out her contract with Dr. Luke. An interesting aspect of this entire legal battle is that many of the celebrities that claim to be “feminists” have not spoken out in support of Kesha. Throughout the hashtag search on Twitter, many users are claiming that Kesha is experiencing the harmful consequences of this legal battle while Dr. Luke is getting off scot free.

With 2016 approaching in less than two months, we hope that Kesha will stay strong & keep her head up high. No one should be punished for speaking out against their abuser. Hopefully, this legal battle will arrive at a solution soon so that Kesha can act as inspiration to youth & others who may be afraid to speak out against someone like Dr. Luke. We’ll keep you in our prayers, Kesha.

Courtesy of Giphy

courtesy of giphy


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