No Frauds? Wilhelmina Models Disses Nicki Minaj on Twitter

As if Nicki Minaj didn’t have enough feuds to combat, it seems that whoever runs the Wilhelmina Model’s Twitter page decided to throw some serious shade at their new celebrity client.

It was announced today (to much fanfare) that Nicki Minaj is officially signed to the world’s premier modeling agency: Wilhelmina Models. But, it seems not everyone on the A++ list agency’s staff is happy with the announcement.

In a subtle move, the official Wilhelmina Model Twitter account liked a RT where user @IAmKevinTerrell¬†called out Nicki for being a “fake ‘ass’ model” – in reference to the popular conspiracy theory that Nicki’s cakes aren’t 100% real. (We took a screenshot in case they remove the like!)

Nicki Minaj - Wilhelmina Model twitter feud

It is definitely an odd move when such a respected modeling agency like Wilhelmina shades a A++ client – and so soon after the announcement Minaj had signed.

Is there another feud coming Minaj’s way? Or is this just a case of an intern with sticky fingers? Time will tell…

Your move, Nicki.


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