Nohemy Talks New Album “NOHAUS,” Creative Process Behind “EL MALO,” And More

In today’s musical landscape, Puerto Rican sensation Nohemy is charting an immersive course, setting her sights on new horizons with her dance album “NOHAUS,” a remarkable release that underscores her prowess as a singer-songwriter.

“NOHAUS” is a 24-hour sonic journey designed to encapsulate the gamut of human emotions, each hour represented by a different track. This kaleidoscope of emotions is further enhanced by meticulously synchronized visualizers, taking fans on an evocative voyage from dusk till dawn. The album is a groundbreaking testament to Nohemy’s inventive lyricism and deft handling of dance music’s myriad facets.

Two in the making, Nohemy primarily collaborated via Zoom and Muse with German producer THE CRVV. An inspiring example of cross-continental synergy, the album’s title itself serves as a tribute to this vital partnership, illustrating the global influences shaping her unique sound. Navigating the highs and lows of love, the album commences with “DROGA,” an exploration of love’s intoxicating, and sometimes, destructive allure. As we descend further into the 24-hour narrative, tracks such as “LOCA” and “LALALA” echo the flirtatious frenzy and blurred cognition synonymous with the early stages of love.

Yet, Nohemy doesn’t shy away from the darker side. “PERDON” and “WAITING” beautifully encapsulate remorse and uncertainty following a falling-out, reflecting the discomforting introspection that accompanies unrequited love. The emotional crescendo of the album is reached in “MALO,” where the realization dawns that not all burdens were ours to bear. This moment of liberation leads to the anthemic “YA NO PUEDO,” marking a cathartic turning point. The closing track, “TE VAS,” brings us full circle to a sobering reflection on the lingering memories and ‘what ifs’ that follow a love affair’s conclusion.

Despite its high-energy dance genre, “NOHAUS” navigates an emotional arc with finesse, traversing the peaks and valleys of human emotion and encapsulating the essence of the human experience in a single day. Nohemy’s compelling journey through “NOHAUS” exemplifies her unique ability to merge infectious rhythms with poignant narratives, cementing her standing as an artist to watch in the world of dance music.

Catch the full interview with Editor-in-Chief Michael D. Monroe and Nohemy below.

Your album NOHAUS follows a 24-hour cycle, which is a pretty creative concept. What sparked this idea? I love to make music for all types of moods. I started noticing when I was creating the first few songs how they were tying in together, that’s when the idea sparked. There’s so much we can feel and live in just 24 hours and that’s something I find myself navigating a lot in these times and I know others can relate as well. It’s beautiful to put it into art, listen from the outside, and see it like something positive and not negative. 


The creation of “NOHAUS” spanned over two years. What were some of the challenges you faced while creating this album? Some of the challenges were staying in the same genre but coloring it in a different way so that it didn’t all sound the same. That’s when the fusion of sounds came in, it was challenging but that was the fun part.


Why did you choose love as the theme of your album? Love is the center of everything, we all love differently too. So in this album, every feeling and expression started because of love and in each title, you can find love or the feeling of it behind its meaning.

How were you able to musically express these complex emotions of PERDON and EL MALO? Easy, experiencing it myself. Being able to write about what I live is what makes it easy and how I can also make music relatable to others. I’m not perfect, I have had to ask for “Perdón” and I have been in that situation “Waiting” for that person to respond and in the end knowing when to draw the line to not lose myself when someone just wants to make me look like the bad guy when in reality you aren’t “El Malo”


The album ends with TE VAS. What do you hope listeners will take away from this closing track and the overall journey through “NOHAUS?” “Te Vas” is the last song but not the end. There’s still room to fix it, to find out what could’ve been at least from my end because I’m just a person that’s always willing to work things out and I have that belief in second chances. I truly desire to find out what life has for us together and until then, but not everyone is willing to take that risk. 


The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes Nohemy strikingly different? There’s nothing in specific that makes me different, in reality, everything about me is different, all of us actually. I’m fully myself, I don’t pretend, I don’t do anything I don’t desire, and I stand strong for what I believe in and what I love. Embracing my full self and being me is what makes me special and YOU TOO ❤️


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