Prince Releases Brand New Album on Tidal

Prince has surprised fans by dropping a brand new album on Tidal. Subscribers of the music streaming service can currently stream the album. However, Tidal is also selling digital copy combination pack of the 23-track Phase One and Phase Two for only $14.99. The album titled HITNRUN: Phase Two is the follow-up project to his previous HITNRUN: Phase One album. Global superstar Rihanna is also expected to generate buzz for Tidal with her eighth studio album titled Anti (rumored to be released through the service soon).

Check out the full track list below.

1. “Baltimore”
2. “RocknRoll Love Affair”
3. “2 Y. 2 D. “
4. “Look at Me, Look at U”
5. “Stare”
6. “Xtraloveable”
7. “Groovy Potential”
8. “When She Comes”
9. “Screwdriver”
10. “Black Muse”
11. “Revelation”
12. “Big City”



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