TIDAL Raises the Bar for Music Connectivity With ‘Live’

TIDAL continues to raise the bar by giving music fans what they need most right now: the ability to come together with music in new, engaging and meaningful ways. Now, friends, families and music tastemakers can stay connected through Live sessions as they experience their favorite music together even when physically apart. With Live, you don’t need a physical gathering place or venue – anyone can share in the music moment through the TIDAL app.
By joining in Live sessions, fans can bring together their circle and create shared moments no matter the size of the gathering. Fans don’t need to follow a DJ for a whole set – the possibilities are endless for building a community and customizing the music experience with Live.

Live makes it easier than ever for music fans to connect to their favorite artist, tastemaker or celebrity. It allows you to connect directly with the creators, providing access to live music from some of the biggest names in the business. Through Live, users can share and participate in activities celebrating the latest releases, allowing fans to discover music before it hits streaming platforms and the charts.

Live is the next generation of music sharing, allowing everyone to listen to the latest tunes or old classics. Whether you’re jamming alone or with friends, Live provides an innovative way to make and share great memories with the people that matter most.

Download Tidal today and get to streaming your favorite artists, but Live.


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