Priscilla Faia Speaks on “You Me Her” and More in Contrast Magazine Interview

First off, how does it feel to have earned a nomination for A Canadian Screen award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series? Wow, that is a long title.
The longest title of all time.  I remember when they asked me to go to the Nominee announcement ceremony. I was excited because they asked me to attend with Matt Gordon.  I thought we were going to represent the show, which I guess we were.  When we got there, people started winking and saying they were excited.  I was very confused.  Obviously, it’s such an honor to be acknowledged for your work.  It was special to be nominated for “Rookie Blue” because it was a team effort, we were a family.  My whole time on that show was magic.

We know that you are an absolute stellar actress. Other than acting (and killing it) do you have any other talents that we may not know about you?
Well, shucks. Thanks.  I have an amazing talent for talking myself out of going to the gym… Does that count?  The only talent that I have that I certainly did not work for is drawing.  I frequent art stores because I love to paint and one time I thought I’d just try drawing so I bought three pencils and a sketchbook.  I ripped a picture of a woman’s body out of a magazine and I was able to recreate it.  I’m still shocked by it.

Well, that is definitely awesome! What is it like working with co-stars, Rachel Blanchard and Greg Poehler? Also, what are a few words to describe your character’s relationship with them?
Easy. Fulfilling. Rachel and Greg are both incredibly present and generous artists.  To me, those are the key attributes of great actors.  Rachel is a seasoned vet, so funny and her soul runs deep.  Greg is hilarious, vulnerable and is up for anything. The whole cast are true artists, I feel so lucky I get to work with them all.  Nisha Ganatra who directed our first season had us in rehearsal before we shot.  We did movement, and connection exercises so when we went to camera we had already created relationships.  It set the tone, and I’m so grateful we got to do that. Sara St. Onge who directed our second season has kept it alive.

It’s great that you’ve developed great friendships with them. If you could act in any other show, what would be another show you’d like to act or guest star in? I feel you would be fantastic for a role in Grey’s Anatomy or Shots Fired. Both two of our favorite shows.
Yes!  I’m all about that Shonda Rhimes. Powerful woman handling business. I like it. Honestly, for me it’s about the storytelling.  Any story that ignites me inside I’m always up for.  I’m always excited by stories that are completely the opposite of what I am currently working on.  I like to switch it up.  Scare myself.  Take risks. You know, all the good stuff.  So to answer your question (finally)…right now, I’d say Westworld or Black Mirror.

We know you are a huge fan of horror movies. With that being said, what is your favorite horror movie and favorite cast member in that movie?
You’ve done your homework! Amazing.  Yes, its true.  I’m a huge fan. It’s so difficult to do a horror/thriller film well.  I’m a tough critic, and even though I try to watch them all, I’m often disappointed. I fell in love with horror movies from back in the 80s in the David Cronenberg Golden era… and although now, I’m not a huge fan of the gory stuff, I was then.  Now I’m more into the “what’s that thing in the dark” kind of film. I think James Wan is a genius.  Insidious was the first movie in a long time that kept me up at night.  Also, Conjuring, Lights Out…to me he’s getting it right.

Conjuring is one of my favorites as well, definitely one to keep you up for hours. Finally, with “You Me Her” being renewed for a third season, what can we possibly expect from your character for the third season?
I honestly have no idea.  John Scott Shepherd (creator and writer goes into “hibernation.’ He stays in his PJs writes for hours on end with no concept of time and randomly grunts at his wife (laughs).  I picture him hunched over a typewriter like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I will say, that wherever John sends us, I can tell you he won’t disappoint.

Well, we are definitely excited to see what is coming up for the show and you as well. We’ll be looking forward to season three! Thank you so much, Priscilla, for taking the time out of your super busy day to answer some questions for us! We truly appreciate it.

The Season Finale of “You Me Her” is set to air next Tuesday, April 18th on DIRECTV, Audience Ch. 239 & DirectTV NOW.

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