Actor Carson MacCormac Talks Film ‘East of Middle West,’ Netflix’s Locke and Key & More

If the name Carson MacCormac sounds familiar, that may be because he can be seen on the home screens of many. The superstar has been cast in gritty drama films such as ‘East of the Middle West” and the mysterious Netflix original, ‘Locke and Key’. He is also the feature of action film ‘SHAZAM!’, a beloved superhero film cherished by many. MacCormac was named best actor by the Montreal Independent Film Festival and is just getting started.

Carson MacCormac was born in Toronto, Canada, but now spends his time between his hometown and  Los Angeles. The versatile actor dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player but he discovered his true calling of theater. He found a love in acting and singing that was nurtured by his doting grandmother, affectionately known as ‘Nana’.

He fondly recalls acting in his 5th grade performance of ‘Snoopy’ and that remaining the most epic characterization he has ever done from her perspective. Little does Nana know, his abilities have only improved with time and he has entered the hearts of many around the world.

‘East of the Middle West’ was an independent film that portrayed MacCormac as troubled youth Chris, who leaves home to escape a tragedy he had committed. He felt that the role was something new and in depth for him. He found that his love for acting was challenged when he was brought an intense script that would provoke the soul searching within him. For his remarkable performance, he received the best actor award from the Montreal Independent Film Festival. While he is thankful for the award itself, he is ecstatic that his portrayal was appreciated and recognized by so many.

MacCormac is also a regular on the Netflix original series and social media hot topic, ‘Locke and Key’. Carson plays a whimsical and mischievous character, Benjamin Locke. He describes the experience as one to have been enjoyed and the cast and crew one to be remembered. The social media explosion is a joy for the actor to watch as he never expected the immense response. The fan edits of the show have kept the buzz alive for him as season 2 arrives on the streaming platform.

He wants those who come into the world of acting to never stop questioning themselves and those around them. He advises there is always a question that can be answered so to never hesitate to speak up at any moment. Carson has had a blast playing the characters he was given and is also looking to take challenging roles in the future.

He is looking forward to the release of ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’, a movie he filmed alongside veteran actress, Mila Kunis, in 2022. He is currently filming ‘Astrid and Lily Save the World’, a show that is also looking toward a 2022 premiere. Follow the actor on any of his social media profiles to stay up to date!

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