Rauw Alejandro New Album SATURNO Is Out Of This World

Off the heels off of his recent viral Latin hit, “PUNTO 40,” Rauw Alejandro just dropped the album of the year; the supersonic “SATURNO”. The album serves as Alejandro’s third studio feature in the last three years – an accomplishment for the artist. For this tracklist, he wanted to channel an intergalactic flair that mimicked the jest that would be aliens on Saturn. In August, he took to Instagram to give his viewers a preview of his latest project by surrounding himself with aliens in the booth. Even the cover art to the 18-track album shows an exaggerated Rauw as he looks out of this world and into the vastness of space.

“I am in Saturn, making the most amazing album of the year.”
Rauw Alejandro

A top contender off of the album is “LOKERA”, a feature with fellow musicians Brray and Lyanno. It is the first single that Rauw chose to premiere due to its vibrant beats. The song captivated platforms such as Tik Tok and leaves the listener on a high as it is the last song on the album. “DIME QUIEN????” falls into the hypnosis that 80’s pop beats leave on you. Its focus details the classic tale of seeing your ex with someone new for the first time after your breakup. A relatable tale for all who give the tune an ear.

The artistic approach for this album is beyond real. Whether it’s Nicki Minaj channeling Barbie and Roman or it’s Beyonc‘s “Sasha Fierce,” music fans around the globe have always gravitated towards this type of creativity and will continue for lightyears to come.

He hones in on the spacey theme with “VERDE MENTA”; a track that has a host of electronic waves. “PUNTO 40” with artist Baby Rasta, has taken over social media due to its addictive tone. It features a reggaeton flavor that combines his futuristic view as well as notes of his home province of Puerto Rico. His next smash would be “CAZADORES”; a collaboration with superstar and old friend, Arcangel. The two join together to sing and move the crowd as they fight treacherous lasers in the background!

“DE CAROLINA” is a song that features DJ Playero, a legend in the reggaeton community. In the beginning, his old single “Somos de Carolina y venimos virao” winds up the upbeat nature of the rest of the hit. You’ll want to top your list off with “QUE RICO CHINGAMOS”; a track that highlights the meaning of the album’s name, “SATURNO”.

Photographed by Jora Frantzis and produced by Prettybird’s Candice Dragonas and Hope Andrea Dotson, the album’s editorial was giving us Planet Her meets The Matrix vibes. The wardrobe was “out of this universe” and styled by “C8tlyn” Martinez, while the hair was provided by YALINA and makeup by Japanese artist Shoichiro Kashibe. CGI Artist Alyssa Ramstetter brought this entire concept to life with a realistic extraterrestrial aesthetic.

In it, you’ll be immediately transported to a rocket that flies into the galaxy and directly into the arms of the one you once loved. Stream the album and see for yourself another galaxy of pop music.


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