Rauw Alejandro Unleashes His Fourth Studio Album “PLAYA SATURNO”

Megastar Rauw Alejandro has finally released his highly anticipated fourth studio album, “PLAYA SATURNO,” bringing infectious vibes that capture the spirit of summer and transport you directly to the beach with every note.

From the lead single, “Si Te Pegas,” an unexpected collaboration with Miguel Bose, to Mexican regional artist Junior H in “Picardía,” PLAYA SATURNO is on fire. The album’s lead single, “Baby Hello,” featuring Bizarrap, has been a resounding success, surpassing 18 million streams. This track combines a thrilling electronic rhythm with seductive lyrics, further heightening expectations for this highly anticipated release.

The Puerto Rican artist pays homage to classic reggaeton by bringing together prominent figures of the genre such as Noy) and Dalmata, Jowell y Randy, and Ivy Queen in different songs on the album. The main production was handled by El Zorro, Dimelo Ninow, Kenobi, and also features the participation of other renowned producers such as Rvssan, Cauty, Dulce Como Candy, DJ Luian, Mambo Kings, and Mr. NaisGai, who have worked together to create a fresh and immersive sound.

Rauw Alejandro’s meteoric rise as one of the most prominent figures in Latin urban music has been undeniable. With hits like “Lokera,” “Punto 40,” and “Todo de ti,” the artist has garnered multiple nominations at the Latin Grammy Awards, Premios Tu Musica Urbano, and Premios Juventud. Through his continuous musical evolution, Rauw Alejandro continues to deliver refreshing and innovative sounds that keep him at the top of the genre.

“PLAYA SATURNO” is a celebration of summer, a vibrant collection of tracks that showcase Rauw Alejandro’s talent and his ability to connect with audiences through his infectious melodies and captivating performances. Get ready to turn up the volume and let the music transport you to the sunny shores of Saturn Beach.

Stream the all new album below!

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