Photography by Viviana Garcia

Sky Rompiendo Talks Splice Partnership, Tools and Secrets to Creating Hits, and More

Alejandro Ramírez Suarez or known worldwide as Sky Rompiendo is one of the most important producers and composers of Colombia and the Urban genre since he has been a great pioneer in the country and has evolved in his career with other great artists. “It all started with MySpace and Messenger” was what Sky told us when we were talking about his early career as it was the medium where he sent beats and began to relate with more people; His name “Sky Rompiendo el bajo” has a very funny anecdote since his name comes from a day he was smoking with his friend who is a producer and engineer. He told her that it should be called “Sky High”, eventually J Balvin by means of a song and quite naturally says SKY ROMPIENDO EL BAJO at this time Alejo decides to use this as his stage name.

Sky does not have a process that follows to the letter when he have to create a HIT because everything changes and also depends on the mood in which this, the people who are in the studio, the goal to which you want to achieve, the tools they have at that time, as the beat begins, Among many other variables, “I can start with the beats or I can also start writing and another producer creates the beat” is what Alejandro tells us about his moment of creation. He also mentioned something very important “Find inspiration, do not close with genres” were the words of Sky, because he believes that you can not create creative limits, you have to explore different sounds, beats and rhythms in various genres to be able to have a different sound.

One of the tools that Sky mentions to create their tracks is Splice, “I am a user of the platform for years and I respect their work and what it offers” plus they have a very important collaboration since Sky creates content in Spanish for producers, he knows that a lot of his colleagues don’t speak English and he wants to share his knowledge with them “They don’t speak the language but they are very talented” is what he mentioned to us. He also wants to have a positive effect and share his knowledge regardless of the barriers “I asked Splice to let me do something positive.”

“Many people inspire me” but certainly the person who has been since the beginning of his career and has been a very key point in his process is J BALVIN not only at an artistic level, “He knows how to handle every idea” was how Sky refers to J Balvin, No doubt these two artists have a great connection; Another artist who certainly inspires him is ROSALIA because it is surprising what this great artist has been able to achieve based on ART and how she has expressed her thoughts through her music and his career. Sky ends with a very nice phrase and it is “I am inspired by all those people who do everything from art and give me something valuable.”

“I write many of the songs I produce and nobody knows” was what Sky confessed to us and also mentions some of his favorite songs, although for him each song has its essence and are different for several reasons. For example “BRILLO” with J Balvin and ROSALIA in this song discovered the creative ability that this woman has and the talent that she possesses, another of her favorite list is “OTRA VEZ” along with J Balvin and Zion & Lennox for this song he was also the composer and could express what was happening at that time in his personal life and another that we added was “VOLANDO” with Mora, Sech and Bad Bunny as this became a hymn and opened a giant door for Latinos.

“Prepare with the right skills” that’s why Sky creates BLACK KOI because for him it is important to always improve the path of the people who come after him and that is why being a producer and understanding the creative process can have another kind of vision because it is in favor of the connection to music without forgetting of the business, but keeping a balance since it has gone through a whole learning process and leaves us with a reflection “It is a process by which you have to walk and take yourself for this.”

Photography by Viviana Garcia.
Photography by Viviana Garcia.

What makes Sky strikingly different? Sky has always maintained a special connection with music and through music found himself. “Let my instinct guide me” were the words he used to refer to that moment where he made the decision to take music as his career even though it came from a country like Colombia that 15 years ago reggaeton was not really strong and just beginning, “I want to be on this path” was what made him believe even more in music and in the genre. “Let us find inspiration, let us not close ourselves in one genre.”

Sky shared a couple of tips that can be very useful for you and one of them is to CONVERT sounds to audio as well you can play later and change some tones and have variety when you are  creating, we must not forget that the bass is a very important base and sometimes almost not heard and that is why Sky adds a little distortion sometimes, something very important and that is key in his career is to KNOW his team, composers and artists so that they can create that strong trust and have that connection to understand the mood they are in and be able to have CHEMISTRY. We know that to CREATE a rhythm you can start with a piano or drums, but he prefers to look at the sounds of other genres to not limit.

Photography by Viviana Garcia.
Photography by Viviana Garcia.

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