The Evolution of Tyson Ritter: The Artist, The Actor, The Man

Not many would be able to move along, after selling over 10 million albums worldwide. Then again, not everyone is Tyson Ritter. ‘The All-American Rejects’ front man has hit the ground running towards the next phase of his career. More open and freer. When ‘The All- American Rejects’ busted on to the music scene, they provided the perfect soundtrack to the angst teenage life in the early 2000’s.

From ‘Swing, Swing’ to ‘Gives You Hell,’ four boys from Stillwater, Oklahoma, were able to capture a moment in time, “An honest moment that naturally grew,” Tyson says describing ‘The All- American Rejects,’ rise to superstardom. But Ritter also thinks of his early beginnings as having luck. “This all was happening back when radio was doing its job. There was no Spotify, it was literally just word of mouth… I guess you can compare it to being reposted.”

Teens of the pop rock era, better known as millennials, would rush home after school, some would wait outside the phenomena known as TRL, or total request live, with their signs hoping to be seen. Others would wait to hear Carson Daily’s voice on their screen, ready to predict where their favorite artist’s video would land on the top ten countdown show that helped launch many music artist’s careers. ‘The All- American Rejects,’ were a main staple of the show, with songs such as ‘It ends tonight,’ a song that will immediately give any former fan peak nostalgia, and who could forget ‘Dirty little secret,’ the video that showed millennials exposing personal information, way before the age of Social media.

Photography by Jonathan Ivan. Styled by Jermelle Pitts. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Baum.

As years went by, it was easy to assume that ‘The All- American Rejects,’ were casualties in the evolution of tech in music, like many of our musical superstars of the 00’s, but that’s not the case. “We’ve been touring together for the past decade. It was album, tour, album tour. Collectively we decided to put this thing on ice.”  While on ice, Tyson returned to his first love, acting. In hindsight, it makes sense. He played multiple roles in his groups musical videos through the years, and he was great at portraying the characters needed to enhance ‘The All -American Rejects,’ videos.

The boy who use to perform at the local theater in his home town, now has worked with Hollywood A- listers, such as Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Anna Farris, Peter Krause, and Julianne Moore in the upcoming “Gloria Bell,” And he has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. Tyson Showed his willingness to explore his craft in ‘The All- American Rejects,’ 2017 musical short, “Sweat” where he played a female prostitute, a role that he explained helped open his eyes to endless possibilities. A role that challenged the alternative rocker to do a dance routine. – Steven Tyler would never.

The 34 Years old “Budding artist that is actually finding [Himself] for the first time,” has had his share of low moments in Hollywood. Ritter was set to star in the film “Midnight Rider.” The biographical film on the life of singer Gregg Allman was set to catapult Tyson into the Hollywood elite, but the film was shut down after unsafe practices on the first day of filming led to the unfortunate death of a crew member and injured several others.

Photography by Jonathan Ivan. Styled by Jermelle Pitts. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Baum.

Moments, however high or low, is what keeps Tyson going. The rock star who loves to garden is enjoying each moment, as he continues to reach new peaks in self- discovery, “Freedom of exploration with ‘The All- American Rejects,’ wasn’t on the docket. We were doing Reject songs… we were animals. Now, it’s different… when I was young I followed rules. Now, being free enough and actually believing that as an artist, there are no rules. Knowing that pushes me every single day,” Tyson explains.

With new music set to drop early 2019, Ritter, now married, is getting his chance to “Serve the music that is in [his] head,” he has a different outlook on life. An outlook that he wants to express through his art, be it musically or with acting. “Marriage has been the best gift of my life. That little voice that always says Am I going to be alone, shuts off. When it does it is such a beautiful thing. You can see further, you can hear more music, it opens up a casam of creation.”

With music “It’s a good song if the [music] comes to me before I sit down at the piano,” Tyson described in an intimate Facebook when talking about the 2015 single “There’s a place,” from the film ‘Miss you already.’ With acting Ritter hopes to be able to play roles that helps promote the south in a good way, something that many may laugh at, but he swears by the good that comes from the people in the south. During this political discourse, Tyson wants to a “Different side,” of how many may view a place like Oklahoma. He is also not opposed to playing the villain, if Marvel comes knocking.

Photography by Jonathan Ivan. Styled by Jermelle Pitts. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Baum.

Tyson, the star of the early 00’s is not the Tyson now, the man who continuously describes his life’s journey as “Shedding skin,” lives with his feet on the ground. After touring for so many years, starting so young, the front man is ready to touch the souls of his fans through his art. Somehow, he has been able to transition without the sadness that comes with having to relive the glory days. In fact, he embraces those days, because now he is living his life on his own terms.

The Evolution of Tyson Ritter, the performance artist is based on a decision a rock star that many may have written off, deciding to never let the art stop speaking to him. Tyson is not a bitter heartthrob from the glory days of TRL on MTV, who constantly tries to detach himself from what got him to this point. Instead, Tyson simply wants to be art, all while being grateful for his beginnings. With acting work on AMC’s ‘Preacher’ and ‘Lodge 49,’ and new music with ‘The All- American Rejects,’ coming, Tyson Ritter continues to shed his skin, exposing layer after layer of all that he can be.

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Photography by Jonathan Ivan. Styled by Jermelle Pitts. Hair and Makeup by Danielle Baum. Gold leaves by Guillermo Vázquez.


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