TikTok ‘Elevate’ Program: Discover Rising Music Stars Omar Courtz, Kaliii, CHINCHILLA, Lu Kala and More

TikTok has introduced its inaugural program, Elevate, aimed at discovering and promoting emerging music artists. Elevate’s first class includes CHINCHILLA, Sam Barber, Omar Courtz, Isabel La Rosa, Kaliii, and LU KALA. The platform’s commitment to supporting rising talent extends beyond trending hits, as they aim to help artists create lifelong careers in the music industry.

, unapologetic in embracing her individuality, achieved history by debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart with her single “Little Girl Gone,” reaching over 1 billion views and 850,000 videos on TikTok. Sam Barber, from Southeast Missouri, with a passion for music since a young age, shares soulful songs with 782,000 followers. Omar Courtz, from Puerto Rico, collaborates with music icons like Daddy Yankee and Yandel and prepares for upcoming releases with over 86,000 TikTok followers.

Isabel La Rosa
, a creative duo with her brother Thomas, explores various pop music styles, from bedroom electric-pop to indie pop. Kaliii had a landmark 2022 with her EP “Toxic Chocolate” and is known for thrilling freestyle performances and regional remixes. LU KALA, the pop songstress from Toronto, has a trending track called “Pretty Girl Era” with over 226,000 videos on TikTok.



♬ STK - Dei V
@kaliyaashley where dey at? we gone slideeee 🏎️💨 #kaliii #fyp #4u #ktoven #music #hiphop #foryou ♬ ktoven kaliii - Kali

TikTok Elevate amplifies rising artists, providing them with meaningful support both in-app and outside. Exclusive performances will be offered at significant locations in their hometowns that inspired their music. Elevate artists will share new content, updates on music releases, and insights into their careers through TikTok and @musicontiktok accounts. The program kicks off today and runs through October, with upcoming cohorts to be revealed later.

Elevate’s aim is to showcase diverse and global musical talents found on TikTok, empowering artists to find success in the music industry. Fans play a significant role in enabling artists to break through, making TikTok the best place for artists to engage with fans on a global scale. The platform’s North America Artist Partnerships Lead, Rachel Dunham, expressed excitement about providing long-term support to artists and honoring the diverse talent on TikTok.

TikTok urges fans to follow Elevate artists to explore their musical journeys. Those new to TikTok can download the app for free from various app stores. Elevate promises to be an exciting program focused on helping emerging musicians find a place in the music industry beyond fleeting trends.

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