Bunny Zingler Talks New Forever 21 Collection in Partnership with Rolling Loud Miami

Bunny Zingler, the founder of Bunny’s Bae Bar and a social media star, teamed up with Forever 21 to create a glam oasis at the Rolling Loud Miami festival. They had everything you needed to slay your festival look, from cool fashion merch to hair extensions, biodegradable glitter makeovers, and even Insta-worthy photo spots. It’s like a dream come true for anyone who loves music and fashion!

And let me tell you, the limited-edition collection they dropped was on fire! Inspired by Miami’s sizzling summer vibes, it’s got beachy graphics, vibrant colors, and the Rolling Loud logo on all the pieces. From a sexy pink bikini to stylish tube tops, they’ve got it all covered. Bunny Zingler, the mastermind behind the collection, wanted to pay homage to Miami’s fun and bold spirit, and it shows! Sizes ranged from XS-L, and the prices were pretty reasonable too, so everyone could join the fashion party.

Forever 21 and Rolling Loud really nailed it with their collaboration, and Bunny Zingler’s touch added that extra sparkle to it all. The festival activation at Rolling Loud Miami had everything a fashionista could wish for, and the limited-edition collection was selling like hotcakes. It’s just one of those moments where fashion, music, and self-expression collide in the most fabulous way possible. Now, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next – count us in for the next Forever 21 x Rolling Loud adventure!

Catch the full interview with Bunny’s Bar Bar founder and creator Bunny Zingler below.

Tell us about your partnership between Forever 21 and Rolling Loud.
The partnership has been a dream. It is something I couldn’t have even thought was on the lineup for the future of [Bunny’s Bae Bar]. It kind of came around and when it happened, I lost my mind. I love shipping at forever 21. I’m 25. I grew up in the early 2000s. Forever 21 is such a big part of my upbringing. A lot of the time, it’s really all I could afford growing up, and they always have the cutest styles and accessories and shoes. Your one-stop-shop for the whole outfit.

I wanted to get down, I wanted to party and have a good time. I knew exactly where to go. I would take my paycheck for the bakery job that I had. $300 a week and I would take it to Forever 21. So its kind of a full circle to partner with them and collaborate with them on merchandise and have such a connection with them to where I consider them family. It’s definitely a full circle moment. I’m still processing it.

You mentioned growing up in the early 2000s. Was that the inspiration behind this collection as well?
Yes. One hundred percent. I’m a 90s baby, but late 90s so I grew up in the early 2000s. The Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan reckless rebel girl era. It is something I totally embody. So, it was really exciting to do the collection; not only for LA but for Miami too because we did bring that same aesthetic to LA but for Miami especially because I consider this home, even though I’m from Brooklyn, I wanted to bring very loud colors and graphics to Miami. I wanted to bring something fun. Miami is so fun. Living here I’ve had the time of my life. I wanted to embody that here and I think we did a pretty good job at it.

How did you work with Forever 21 to inspire your audience to express themselves with this collection?
We influence our fans to be authentic to themselves within fashion, for sure. There are so many different selections within our collection that you can choose from. Whether you want to show a little bit more or show a little bit less. There’s definitely a comfortability standpoint where you can dress it up, dress it down. There’s really no rules in fashion.

Whatever works for you works. If you’re comfortable and confident in it, that’s all you. I want you to feel that way. When I’m creating something, I’m creating it for you, the general masses. I hope that they feel strong in these clothes. I hope they feel comfortable. I hope they feel happy, energetic. These are all of the emotions I hope they feel because they’re the emotions I felt when creating it.

We need more of that positive welcoming in the world.
Yes! I’m big on acceptance and welcoming. I’m big on seeing everybody as the same. We;re all one. At the end of the day, that is what I live by. So, to be able to show that in beauty and fashion has been a beautiful part of my career. It’s a beautiful butterfly moment for me because I’ve been pushing so hard to show this and it’s finally coming into fruition. I’m just really happy because people are finally recognizing what my point is that I’m trying to get across.

How do you think the limited-edition collection will appeal to a multicultural audience?
I think everybody likes it. We all have emotions. We’re all human beings. We all love each other. I think having so many varieties of this collection – just like LA – there’s something for everyone. If you don’t want a bikini, there’s a crop top. So, I think we did a really good job of bringing along a lot of different spices to the cabinet. I think that multiculturally, everybody will like it. There’s lots of different flavors in this collection. There’s something for everybody here.

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes you strikingly different?
What makes Bunny Zingler strikingly different is my kindness. That’s it. I’m a  genuinely kind, loyal person and I think that’s what makes me different from the others.

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