Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum Launch New Smallville-focused Podcast “TalkVille”

Smallville fans rejoice! Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luther) and Tom Welling (Clark Kent) have come together to create a podcast focused on the show you love. TalkVille will serve as a hotline for Smallville enthusiasts everywhere. Audiences will rewatch the show with the podcast and call into (213) 538-2883 to leave thoughts, opinions, and questions.

The TalkVille podcast took to Twitter to say, “Right now weโ€™re on Season One, and working through Hourglass. If you have any questions from there out on, give us a ring!

So, July 13th is the day marked to bring change and excitement to Smallville fans everywhere! Who better to talk to than Clark Kent and Lex Luther themselves?

Tom and Michael are kicking the first season of the exciting podcast off this summer! The two are working through Hourglass to bring the podcast to you! They took to Facebook to address their fans and everyone who is looking for a little Smallville community. The podcast will be perfect for those who love comics and an alternate version of a traditional superhero.

Smallville originally premiered in 2001, running over 16 years! Dial in and discuss the show with the hero and the villain on July 13th!


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