Bianca Banks Talks The MND Show With Daughter Jasmine Shannon and More

Bianca Banks has made quite a splash in Los Angeles, California with the emergence of her podcast, ‘The MND Show’. The radio show, run by both herself and her daughter, Jasmine Shannon, covers various topics. They discuss day-to-day things, such as juicy gossip and relationship issues.

Jasmine is no stranger to being in the forefront, as she was a choreographer for the NBA and is currently working on entrepreneurship of her own. Banks couldn’t be prouder of her child as they tackle the topics of womanhood and current controversial events together.

From the beginning, Bianca was a headstrong child, thanks to her as determined parents. They instilled the will to be the best at whatever she did from birth to even now. Her father led with a stricter method that encouraged her to become a more disciplined woman. Their careers in real estate and healthcare inspired Bianca to become someone her younger self would be proud of. Her childhood molded her into the successful businesswoman she is today.

The mogul and mother got her start in Hollywood as a cast mate of Bravo’s spicy reality show, ‘Invite Only: Cabo’. In 2017, she made her stamp along acclaimed stars such as celebrity hair stylist, Larry Sims. She was able to climb to the top from there, creating her own podcast for eager listeners. Banks found being a relatable source as something the people around her craved. She then traded a reality show for a network of listeners of her own.

Tune in to ‘The MND Show’ on Tuesdays at 7PM EST.


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