Yeezy Season 5.1 – As Sales Climb, Kanye Stays Silent

We reported last week on the fly as hell new Yeezy Season 5.1 clothing line. The line of clothing and accessories was created by up-and-coming stylist to the stars Haley Camille in response to Kanye West’s L.A. “Valley-inspired” Yeezy Season 5 clothing.

Yeezy Season 5.1 hat

Camille was born and raised in Los Angeles’s famed San Fernando Valley (home to Britney, the Kardashians, and a lot of the everybody-who-is-anybody crowd), and she and her crew think Yeezy has been trapped in his gated community in the valley a little too long because his “Valley-inspired” line looked like it came from someone who has never even seen the valley.


Yeezy Season 5.1Yeezy Season 5.1 is an exclusive line that can only be bought by dropping a DM to the instagram account (CLICK HERE to check out the amazing hats, jackets, etc) – some people have been writing asking if the line is a joke, and we are here to tell you that Yeezy Season 5.1 is 10000% real – and you need to buy your gear before it all sells out.

Yeezy Season 5.1

Yeezy Season 5.1

Once the stuff is gone, it’s gone – so get it before anyone else. We are still waiting for Kanye’s response – it seems like the cat’s got his tongue.


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