Yo Gotti Unveils Lavish Visuals for “Pop My Shit” Amidst Hip-Hop’s 50th Year

In a landscape dominated by hip-hop, Yo Gotti releases a new opulent and swagger-filled music video to commemorate 50 years of the genre’s influence on culture and sound. “Pop My Shit” showcases Gotti’s success and the genre’s golden anniversary.

Freshly released on August 8, 2023, the music video takes viewers on a luxurious ride through the vibrant streets of London. Seamlessly blending his own triumphs with hip-hop’s storied history, Gotti’s latest offering hails from his recent Gangsta Grillz mixtape, “I Showed U So.” The track itself radiates Gotti’s signature confidence and unapologetic style, with lines like “my net worth unidentified, I got twelve million in watches.”

Set against a stunning backdrop of Lamborghinis and Bentleys, the visuals capture not only Gotti’s achievements but also pay homage to the evolution of hip-hop itself. Gotti’s presence in the white Rolls Royce, cruising through London’s streets, symbolizes the journey that hip-hop has taken over five dynamic decades.

With the chorus echoing the sentiment “let me pop my shit,” Gotti doesn’t just flaunt his material wealth – he taps into the celebratory essence of hip-hop. The release of “Pop My Shit” coincides with Gotti’s earlier video drops from “I Showed U So,” showcasing his versatility and artistic range. This time, Gotti showcases his luxurious side, aligning with hip-hop’s own progression from underground roots to global prominence.

The universal influence of hip-hop is beautifully reflected in Yo Gotti’s “Pop My Shit”, which stands as a triumphant anthem. Stream the single below.


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