ZupaNova Releases New Single “ZupaLove”: Uniting the World Through Music and Philanthropy

ZupaNova, a supergroup composed of two incredible heavy hitters in the music industry has just released its brand new single. “ZupaLove” has dropped on streaming platforms, the video highlighting the world’s struggles and how unity can bring us all together. The group is known for its philanthropy, spreading the job to foundation AMBITION and routinely giving food to the homeless. Their hits “Pop Pop”, “ZupaHot”, and “Don’t Think” have trended across the U.S billboards. Together, they are unstoppable and manufacture fire hits in the EDM and Pop categories.

Rawcel Cooks and Davy Brown combined their abilities and have formed pop sensation, ZupaNova. Cooks is the songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas and Brown is a known multi-platinum producer as well as producer. Over time, ZupaNova has become an internationally known group that regularly graces the top 40 in EDM and Pop music. They were seen at Southern California’s Mayfest 2023 performing hits “Celebrate”, recently released “ZupaLove”, and more! The twosome are more than excited to take their act across the pond during the launch of their world tour.

ZupaNova has announced that many celebrities and lead figures will be gracing the stage of their world tour. The overall theme is togetherness and spreading joy until 2024. In regards to their intense passion for charity, they lend their time to AMBITION, a non-profit dedicated to the assistance of underprivileged youths in several communities. They have provided two theme songs to the program including “Everyday is a Holiday” and “You Don’t Know About Me”. They have joined the mentorship program with Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Richard Branson, and more.

Cooks and Brown refer to their joint venture as a “ZupaCelebration” that collectively includes different facets of the entertainment industry. They have integrated fashion, music, and various lifestyles into their work. Their passion lies in showing the true humanity in cultures around the world. ZupaNova even participated in “Fashion 4 A Cause”, a runway show that highlighted nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles. Using your platform for good is something many struggle to do but that is ZupaNova’s mission at the end of the day.

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