A Dose of Beauty: Bella Dose

Comprised of Brianna Leah, Melany Rivera, Thais Rodriguez, and Jennifer Hernandez, the world’s first-ever Latin, bilingual girl group, Bella Dose, is back and better than ever! With their recently released singles, “Boom Boom,” and “Una Niña,” as well as videos to go with them, the ladies are prepped and ready to start making some noise. “Boom Boom” is a more sexy approach from the girls of Bella Dose. The “Muevelo” singers seem to have grown from girls to mature women since their start just three years ago. Their sound has progressed, and we can’t wait to hear more from them.

Una Niña is the latest single from the group which is about a mother having to tell her daughter, age 6, that her father has passed away. Jenni says, “The song is very dear to our hearts because it tells my story which is about my mother telling me that my father passed away as a young girl. We want this song to be comforting to those who have lost someone important to them.”

“This song is absolutely beautiful to me. I fell in love with it from the very start. The production, the writing process, the recording of it… everything flowed so perfectly and I’m so excited we can finally share it with the world,” said Thais.

Photography by Adi Muhtarevic

When asked about Boom Boom, Brianna says, “It’s talking about how a man needs to give me the world before I can give him my all.” A lesson every woman can take notes on. Thais expands on the meaning behind “Boom Boom” and how it felt to release such a personal song, “Writing this song made us feel empowered. I feel like we aren’t afraid to say what we feel, especially when we know so many other girls go through the same thing. It’s important to know your worth, queens.” The girls seem to want to share their message of empowerment with girls out there who may be suffering from feelings of being inadequate. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected in any relationship of any kind!

The girls all seem to agree, if someone can’t give you their all and fight to make you feel loved, then they don’t deserve you!

On the set of their video, “Boom Boom,” the girls spent all day grinding and trying to finish this masterpiece as soon as possible. Going all day without eating, Jenni shares a heartwarming moment from the set, “At the end of our shoot, the girls and I were starving, and everything was closed. The only thing open was a McDonald’s down the street. The camera crew was nice enough to surprise us and get us Happy Meals — the only thing we had to eat all day.” It just goes to show you, when you put in hard work, you can rely on others to help you out when you need it most! What a caring crew the girls have behind them

Being the world’s first bilingual Latin girl-group, Bella Dose are making moves and climbing their way to the top. Inspiring girls everywhere, their message screams be precisely who you are and don’t ever settle for anything less than the best. All four girls can write and sing in both English and Spanish. All four girls also shine in the dancing department. They hailed as one of the United States’ most versatile and talented “Girl Groups” to date.


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