Álvaro Díaz is The Contrast Man

Alvaro Diaz is a one-man creative team on the rise. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, his humble beginnings never impeded him from working on his ultimate goal. He was resourceful in producing, directing, and editing material while using a TV show in his homeland.

Self-taught lessons and even the help of some Masterclass sessions proved vital for him to break past his limitations at the time. Alvaro took full advantage of the tools provided to him, and it worked out beautifully. He successfully launched himself as an independent artist, and his music reached the right ears in the industry.

Having been a fan of Yandel and a massive inspiration during his teen years, life has come full circle for Alvaro. Many new and established artists, legends like Zion y Lennox and Wisin & Yandel set the landscape for this wave of artists to have it one step easier. The fresh collaboration with the superstar on “Lo Que Te Duele,” is a dream come true.

Photography by Matthew Louis Charlotten
Jewelry by Kathia Lynne

The song is inescapably catchy, but it’s the visuals that deliver like no other Latin artist in recent times. Angles, color tones, props, editing, you name it, and it’s there on a silver platter for the world to watch. This collaboration is thankfully owed to NEON16. Another dream come true is Alvaro being part of the label powerhouse family.

As part of the NEON16 roster, he is expanding his already existing curated brand. At first glance, you may catch glimpses of the similarities of other artists in his work. However, as you dive deeper, you’ll notice the grand distinction in his approach to the reggaeton Genre.

Photography by Matthew Louis Charlotten

There are complex lyrics, elevated visuals, and even a sprinkle of high art. Music is his passion, and it shows a lot. Alvaro is highly inspired by Kanye West, a firm believer in the freedom of speech, creativity, and individuality, a quality Kanye has been famous and infamous for. Alvaro pays a careful eye to his work and has emulated that into his material.

The idea of constant evolution is embedded in his artistry. He lives by a mantra of never settling and always raising the bar. Alvaro has the big picture in mind, even mentioning a concept album, growth in visuals, and always-welcome change. He’s delivered fantastic material so far, and he has only just begun. As he continues this path, he will set himself apart in the best way and soon be an inspiration to artists that follow after him. Alvaro Diaz is here to stay.

Photography by Matthew Louis Charlotten

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