Young Entreprenuer Zack Lugo Shares “Hate Is Ugly” Message with Debut Clothing Line Launch

Zack Lugo is a force to be reckoned with in the cutthroat arenas of fashion and gaming. At only 20-years old he has amassed a large following on his social media platforms. He has influenced many when it comes to accepting the challenges of becoming a young entrepreneur. Lugo has created his own clothing line known as ‘Runaway Kid Apparel’.

He has also become a gaming sensation in the world of Pokémon, conquering the competitive platform of Twitch. He has grown to collect over 10 million followers on TikTok alone.

Lugo grew up a sheltered child in a small-town in rural Idaho. He is a self-proclaimed “Momma’s Boy” and values his family more than anything else. One of his hobbies was skating down the dirt roads of Idaho and contemplating what the future would hold for him. The designer discovered a love for the Pokémon franchise when he was just a child. He began watching streamers such as Poke Rev and Biggie Mez who gave him the thought that he could stream himself one day.

As he grew, he obtained a love for thrifting and repurposing used garments. This inspired him to create a fashion line, his sister helping him along the way. His favorite tagline from the line is ‘Hate is Ugly’; a saying that he hopes will spread love to everyone around him.

Pursuing his dreams has not been easy, as he feels the level of fame he has attained prohibits him from making mistakes that would stain his budding reputation. However, he is ecstatic that he is able to meet and accomplish professional goals including supporting his loved ones.

The pro gamer would recommend all newcomers to stay consistent in their goals. He states that success does not happen overnight, so one must continue working towards their endeavors to produce their wanted result. In the coming year, Zack Lugo is creating another showcase for his clothing line, ‘Runaway Kid Apparel’. He plans on continuing to stream, but as a surprise to his followers, he is venturing into modeling. Lugo’s social media presence can be followed on TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram.

Photography by Dylan Perlot

Check out the full interview with Zuck Lugo for #TheContrastMan.

The talented Zack Lugo is here to give his audience an up close and personal look into his life. Can you tell us about yourself Zack?
I am a 20 year old small town boy from Idaho. I am a huge momma’s boy and have been skating for 13 years. Most people know me for having almost 10M followers on TikTok. I often dance with my little cousin Trey and best friend Jean Victor.

Where did you get the inspiration to launch your captivating streetwear collection, Runaway Kid Apparel? I am really into thrifting clothes and the style behind it has a lot to do with what I wear in my videos. My sister helps me to bring my visions to life. The quote ‘Hate Is Ugly’ is a message that everyone is beautiful and hating people is ugly. It is meant to spread love to my fans, supporters and inspire others.

Photography by Dylan Perlot

You are a big fan of the Pokémon franchise. So much so that you live stream unwrapping videos of the cards on Twitch! What gave you the idea to monetize a long time hobby? I started collecting cards, about a year ago now but I loved Pokemon as a kid, I have been watching other streamers who open Pokemon Cards for a while like Poke Rev, and Biggie Mezz. They inspired me to go out and do my own thing!

At only 20-years old, you have attained a level of success many dream of. How has this steadily increasing fame affected your life? Positively or Negatively? I would say both. The negative pressure and stress has been difficult because it made me mature super quickly and I feel like I have less room to make mistakes. On the positive side, it has enabled me to achieve my goals and manifestations, as well as help me support family and friends which I love to do.

Coming from a small town in southern Idaho, do you feel the internet was a way to explore the world around you? Yes, it was the only way to since in my small town everyone knew each other and there were zero opportunities outside of that.

Photography by Dylan Perlot

The Tubi x TikTok Creators Panel recently highlighted your work along with global sensation, Paris Hilton! That must have been such an honor for you, how did you celebrate the acknowledgement? I didn’t really celebrate, was just in shock and super stoked to be there!

What piece of key advice would you give other young entrepreneurs who wish you follow your lead? Stay consistent and work as hard as you can. If you get it, it is because you deserve it and success doesn’t come easy or overnight. Never settle.

Where do you foresee streaming and your clothing line taking you in the upcoming year? I have a lot in the works but we are going to do another clothing drop this spring and I will continue to stream Pokémon as its my passion. Something that most people don’t know is that I am also getting into modeling this year.


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