Netflix’s ‘On My Block’ Actor Rob Murat Releases New Single ‘Runaway’

Rob Murat is the very definition of multifaceted – he’s a skilled musician who has created his own music but also made music for a variety of TV channels and networks.

He’s a talented actor with a long string of TV appearances, including his recent role in “On My Block” on Netflix, where he plays Coach Ron, a high school sex ed teacher who also is the football coach.

This spring, he’s excited to release “Runaway,” an exciting new single, followed by a beautifully animated video of the song.

Rob Murat recently sat down and shared what he wants people to know about himself, his achievements, and life in general.

Photography by TWELVE18Media

What has been “On My Block” like? We just began filming the fourth season, which will be the last one. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of this. It’s a story that is fresh and uniquely loved. I play Coach Ron, who teaches at Freeridge High School and sometimes interacts with Jamal, a high schooler who fits the definition of quirky. I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes this season.

Please tell us about “Runaway.” I call “Runaway” a much-needed escape from all the hardship, loss and isolation so many people have had to deal with. I hope this song will all help us feel better – let’s call it audible comfort food or maybe a friendly playlist companion that makes it easy to weather the storms.

What’s special about the video? For this one, I brought back Giuliano di Girolamo, an illustrator from Brazil. He previously created the animations for the lyric video for my last single, “Next to Me.” So viewers will get the same experience of animation and wonderful illustrations while enjoying the video. The plan for the video is to give people light and hope even when there’s darkness and despair out there.

How are people in the entertainment world feeling now? We’re all slowly finding our way through this pandemic with some caution. Even though some things have changed, the goal hasn’t changed, to produce all sorts of content that we hope fans will love. How we get there has changed, however, with all the restrictions like social distancing and testing. But there’s hope and faith that focusing on safety will help get us through. 

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