Afro-Latina Immasoul Premieres New Belize-Inspired “Sugar Boi” Music Video

Afro-Latina singer and songwriter, Immasoul, just premiered her latest video “Sugar Boi,” directed by Itzia Sanchez. The single, distributed by Empire, was inspired by her experience in Belize with family and friends. This was also her first time hearing the term ‘sugar boi.’ She says, “My boyfriend’s father’s family came from the famous “Sugar City” Orange walk Belize, and in a conversation with some Belizean friends they called him that way to indicate that he comes from a sugar cane area.”

The music video starts with Immasoul sitting out in the yard, while in Belize, and she’s surrounded by palm trees and hanging laundry. She’s seen dancing and singing along to the lyrics of the single. The video depicts the beauty and culture of Belize.

“Belize has always fueled my imagination and creativity. I grew up dancing punta, listening to soca, calypso, eating rice and beans and fry jack as if that were the most natural thing,” said the Afro-Caribbean artist. “[This] somehow distanced me from the 100% culturally Mexican experience, and somehow since I was a child I knew that it was, because of my Afro-Caribbean background.

The true takeaway behind this R&B/Afrobeats-infused single is to celebrate the relationship with her life partner, while also shining a light on her family and “our 50 cousins and all the sugar bois out there.”

Watch the complete video below and let us know what you think!

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