Album Review: Nicki Nicole’s ‘ALMA’ is a Journey Through Healing and Self-Love

Argentinian sensation Nicki Nicole’s third studio album, ‘ALMA’, is a 10-track musical testament to personal healing, or “sanación”. Displaying an impressive mix of electro-pop, velvety ballads, and imaginative reggaetón beats, ALMA is a sonic exploration of life’s highs and lows.

At 22, Nicole’s versatility is notable, offering a blend of genres with a seasoned, intimate touch. ‘ALMA’, which translates to ‘soul’, is an introspective journey, serving as an emblem of Nicole’s rebirth following an emotional slump. It’s a conceptual album as much as a real-life narrative, centering around the link between spirit, heart, and mind, symbolized by the recurring motif of a triangle.

Nicole’s resilience is evident in the new single “DISPARA ***”, featuring MILO J. The track features bold lyrics confronting detractors and impersonators, a powerful declaration of her unshakeable spirit. Asserting, “I’m still shining, even if you want to put out my light” (“Yo sigo brillando, aunque quieras apagar mi luz”), she emerges impervious to external negativity.

The album opens with a dramatic, sweeping ballad, “Ya No”, a poignant homage to self-love and an acknowledgment of the importance of solitude. “I’m the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I can’t not be able to be with myself,” Nicole confesses, encapsulating the album’s ethos.

ALMA dances between varying musical styles, from energetic tracks like “8 AM” featuring one of Latin music’s strongest queer voices Young Miko, to hypnotic R&B numbers like “Se va 1 llegan 2”. The dance floor-ready electro track “Caen las Estrellas”, featuring fellow Argentinian YSY A, demonstrates Nicole’s ability to create infectious rhythms.

The album’s initial offerings, “NO voy a llorar :’)” and “qué le pasa conmigo?,” set the stage for the introspective journey. The former, described by The New York Times as a “preemptively defensive breakup song”, showcases Nicole’s strength in maintaining romantic boundaries. The latter track, a collaboration with Spanish rapper RELS B, reflects the oscillations of relationship uncertainty.

In an homage to her period of self-discovery, Nicole’s cover of Rodrigo Amarante’s bolero “Tuyo” emphasizes her impressive vocal range, adding another layer to her potent message.

In ‘ALMA’, Nicki Nicole presents a panoramic view of her personal healing process. The album is an enchanting exploration of sonic landscapes and emotional terrain, demonstrating that Nicole is not just a “dexterous shape-shifting MC”, but a musical powerhouse with an innate talent for conveying raw, complex emotions through her art.


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