Rich Music’s Dalex Talks Upcoming EP, Working with Daddy Yankee And More

Singer-songwriter Dalex is already having quite the year, despite 2023 just starting. From announcing his upcoming EP to being on a song with the legendary Daddy Yankee, his career just levels up. Daddy Yankee, now retired, recently released a song featuring Justin Quiles and Dalex – “La Hora y El Dia.” Working with Daddy Yankee is a goal that most artists have on their bucket lists, and Dalex can now check it off. “I feel blessed to have been able to record with Yankee. I remember receiving the song and immediately recording my verse at my home studio,” said Dalex.

Although the song was recorded about a year and a half ago, Dalex says the time of its release couldn’t have been more perfect. “I haven’t released music in about a year, so for my comeback to be a song with Daddy Yankee, and then my EP releasing soon after… it feels like the perfect timing,” said Dalex. Justin Quiles is also featured on the song, which made Dalex that much more comfortable. “What better way to share this opportunity than sharing it with someone who’s your brother,” he said.

After having all eyes on him, Dalex then releases his latest single, “Perreándote,” featuring Ryan Castro and Symon Dice (who also forms part of the Rich Music family). Although he and Castro have worked together in the past, this was the first time just the two of them were on a song. “When I first heard the song, I could immediately hear Ryan Castro on it. I even told my team that if he couldn’t hop on the song, I didn’t want to feature anyone else,” said Dalex. The song has become a sensation due to its old-school reggaeton feel, which is overall the mood of the EP.

“I grew up listening to the early 2000’s reggaeton… it’s what inspired me to become an artist. Therefore, I wanted to create a project with that type of rhythm, but with the lyrics and delivery of today’s day and age,” said Dalex. Fans can expect for the single to form part of his upcoming EP.

Dalex’s EP ‘Reggaeton Sex’ does not have a release date yet, but it will be available within the next few months. Regardless, the world is excited to join him on a nostalgic experience as he takes us back to the genre that inspired him.

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