America’s Next Top Model Alum, Bella Sanchez, Wishes To Increase Visibility for LatinX Americans

Bella Sánchez has already made a name for herself as a model, storming the runway on America’s Next Top Model as the “androgynous male.” Throughout her career, and life, she has always yearned to be open and true to not only her followers, but herself. Bella made an announcement on Fourth of July Weekend telling her fans in a post that she identifies as female; specifically, as a transgender female.

In hopes to normalize and open up the conversation of mental health, Bella unapologetically expands on how debilitating it can be; “At times I wanted to vanish into thin air to never be heard of again; other times a flooding necessity to be seen overwhelmed my 2 brains… it was both mentally and physically exhausting.”

With this reintroduction to the world, Bella wishes to also utilize the opportunity to take a stand and advocate for Latinx individuals by increasing visibility and representation in media.

“Latin Americans have made it a painful point to be as white as possible; and it shows in the telenovelas, the magazines, the music, the politics and the news. These are not opinions, but merely facts — I gladly invite anyone to prove me wrong. You’re welcome to google the top 10 telenovelas from the beginning of their productions to today’s date.”

She continues, “Media primes our minds and contributes in raising our children, and when you’re constantly only showing whiteness in our communities, you’re sending a very clear and loud signal and I’m not okay with that. It’s barbaric, unintelligent, small minded, embarrassing and out of fashion.”

Bella will grace the cover of Contrast Magazine on August 7th, 2020 discussing mental health, increasing visibility and more in her interview.

It’s safe to say that Bella has taken the misrepresentation, depression, public health crisis and with that…. she made lemonade.

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