Puerto Rican Emerging Talent Babywine Is Part Of The New Wave of Women in Latin Music

Babywine is an emerging artist on DJ Nelson’s record label, “Flow Music”and is rising as a prominent figure in the latin urban music scene. Hailing from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, she has been crafting her musical talent since a young age, initially starting with pop punk before venturing into the diverse realms of rock, trap, pop, guaracha, electronic, and more.

Her journey into the urban genre began when she crossed paths with the esteemed producer Noriega, who introduced her to this genre. Under Noriega’s guidance, she honed her skills and eventually caught the attention of Latin Grammy-nominated producer DJ Nelson. Initially starting as a backing vocalist for J Alvarez, Babywine soon found herself launching her solo career under Nelson’s label “ Flow Music.”

Reflecting on her signing with DJ Nelson’s label, Babywine expressed, “Being signed to DJ Nelson’s label ‘Flow Music’ is a special feeling because from a young age, I visited his studio, and since then, I’ve grown musically. I’ve been presented with many opportunities, and for me, ‘Flow Music’ will always be my home.”

Her collaborations, notably “Papi” alongside Alejandro Armes, DJ Nelson, and Jose De Las Heras,  garnered global acclaim. Yet, it’s her own solo hits like “Una Mentira,” “No Te Veo,” “Cuando Te Fuiste” featuring Ñejo and DJ Nelson that have solidified her position as a rising star in the Latin music scene.

According to Babywine, one of her songs that everyone should hear is “Veintiséis,” which she describes as motivating and lyrically filled with strong feelings and life experiences. “Cuando Te Fuiste,” another hit from Babywine, has already amassed millions of views on YouTube and is dominating Spotify playlists in cities like San Juan, Medellín, Santiago de Cali, and Bogotá.

In her latest single released last month, “No Era Ahí,” Babywine delivers a powerful message of self-worth and empowerment, particularly for women navigating complex relationships. The accompanying music video captures the emotional journey of moving on from a toxic situation, portraying Babywine’s vulnerability.

“No Era Ahí” stands out as one of Babywine’s most memorable tracks to date, showcasing her versatility as an artist who creates to different genres with powerful messages to listeners.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Babywine explains,“No Era Ahí” is a song that speaks of the grievance that comes with a heartbreak and the difficulty of admitting when we’re in the wrong place, more specifically with the wrong person.”

Women in the urban genre are breaking barriers and making waves through their music and accomplishments. As a Latina woman in the music industry, Babywine sees it as a blessing and explains, “I have the opportunity to reach many audiences, inspire, and empower others through my music and platform. It’s a responsibility, and I want to use it in the best way.”

Babywine is an artist to look out for in 2024 and stay tuned for more of what she has in store.


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